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Essay on Social Problems In Our Society

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Public Policy

During the presidential campaign of the last election, an issue arose concerning the "energy crisis" that was driving gasoline and oil prices up throughout our country. Vice President Al Gore supported President Clinton's ideology of waiting for the proper legislative initiatives to pass through Congress, and when the situation merited, provide some limited releases of oil from the national oil re...

An outsider and alienated in society

This metaphor shows that Norm makes sure that Ahmed is regarded as an outsider by talking in a superior tone and debasing India through juxtaposition and contrast of Sydney and Bombay as “this isn't India mate, you're in Sydney......you're quite safe”. Furthermore, Norm is constantly reinforcing Ahmed's ethnicity and feelings of being an outsider through derogatory terms such as “boong” an...

Analysis of Troy Maxson

As terrible as it may seem the experiences Troy went through were not uncommon. In fact drones of skilled African American players could not experience playing on the professional level. Sadly they were bound to the Negro leagues due to the color of their skin, thus for having their stats lost to legend. And according to Frank Deford only after about fifty years of the Negro leagues existence are ...

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Social Biases

Biases come in the form of stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. It can be subtle or blatant. The core motives are belonging and controlling. Individuals will always have their own perception of others that are not in their group, but it is the responsibility of that individual to ignore as much as possible to avoid additional stress and possible health issues. Bias is an issue that has bee...

Poverty: Effects and Causes

But the point is we must help whoever needs help because maybe someday we might need help. Also, I believe that “no man is an island” so, we must help ourselves to become successful in life so we can have whatever we want. The best portion of a good man’s life is his nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. Also kindness for me is a language that the dumb can speak and the deaf can ...

Republic of the Philippines

http://wwwwds.worldbank.org/servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2012/06/11/000426104_20120611115455/Rendered/PDF/ 694220BRI0P1180of0Pantawid0Pamiliya.pdf Nearly three years since its launch, the Pantawid Pamilya hasalready shown positive impacts on beneficiary households. Thecash grants increase the household incomes of the poor, while theconditionalities have helped improve the education and healtho...

The road to Mecca - Women's Rights

On page 23 Elsa expresses her feelings towards women's rights, because these rights are supported by the law. “She has got a few rights, Miss Helen...”. Elsa expresses her feelings freely, she is a liberal person and represents women that believe in women rights and freedom of speech. She believes that each person has the freedom of speech regardless of gender, age or race and should express t...

The Prison System in Our Society

In conclusion, things need to be done to improve rehabilitation in America. Improvements in job training, counseling, and halfway houses for rehabilitation must be brought to the forefront by citizens. If we do not get involved and try to make changes, our crime problem could worsen beyond control. This is a very important thing to study since the Bureau of Justice Statistics states that we have m...

Acquisition of Prejudice as Social Issue

Cognitive-social learning is a theory of learning that emphasizes the role of thought and social learning in behavior. In addition to what we learn from family, friends, and group memberships, the media also contributes to the negative behaviors thought about specific groups of individuals. When people, especially children, see prejudice around them in everyday life, they seem to think it is norma...

Edward Albee's "The Sandbox"

When she dies, she is going to take her values and traditions to the grave. The bareness of the stage suggests the society in which we live today. When Grandma buries herself using the pail and shovel, she represent one of the millions of people with values and traditions, who is tired of living in a society that is so empty of emotions. When she dies, it represents the passing of an age, one in w...

Pygmalion vs. My Fair Lady

I enjoyed the musical more than the play because I feel like the musical went into a lot more depth of Eliza's transformation. The songs and the actors in My Fair Lady really brought the story to life. For me, Rex Harrison's portrayal of Professor Higgins was absolutely perfect; he was able to show more sides of Professor Higgins' psyche than you could experience by reading the play. Pygmalion is ...

Globalisation on Jamaica

* Stigliz mentioned protecting the environment is a growing concern for globalization. The success of economic development in China and India increases the need for energy usage and the use of resources. I agree with Stigliz’s notion that the world’s environment would not able to sustain this change. This year, there was a public outcry of Beijing’s air pollution when the Air Quality Index i...

Stereotypes of Physical Appearance

Furthermore, the questionnaire results also supported the hypothesis. Especially in question 1 which is that the way people dress can tell us a lot of things about them, all the subjects shared the same idea and agreed with the claim. In addition, in the questions 6, 10, 17 and 18 more than 90% of the subjects answered them as “yes”. On the other hand, for question 13 which is following the fa...

Dehumanization: Marxism and Modern Era

Based on the scenarios presented by the three books, and personal understanding of dehumanization, I believe it cannot be absent in modern era society. The degree to which dehumanization can occur is extremely varied, and while we can hope and wait for it to merely pass by, it is better to act. Try to resist dehumanization as much as can, as Levi’s character Elias demonstrated, with strong will ...

The Shawshank Redemption

Through this, it is evident just how influential the ethical decisions of a leader and the “shadow or light” they cast can be (Johnson, 2012). Thus, against the backdrop of the microcosmic subculture of Shawshank Prison, one sees the importance of justice and fair use of power to American society. The adage that, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” (Johnson, 2012, p. 1...

Causes of Social Mobility

Unemployment-: the trend of social Mobility increases unemployment in the country. In every some professions are highly valued. For example in our society the professions of Medical, Engineering and Military are highly regarded. Consequently the people move to these professions in great numbers. As a result of this, on the one hand discard other ancestry professions. e.g. the you...

Social Deprivation

Social deprivation is an obvious lack on the parents and community to provide for a legitimate need of a child. The ramifications of the neglect and seemingly inadequate attention for the social development of the child are actually dire and extensive. Adequate knowledge in total child care is a requisite for any would-be parent which apparently is not always the case. Family is supposed to be a h...

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Legal System

Treaties, which can also be called conventions, statutes or charters, are binding agreements. They formalise the process where by governments through international agencies work together on common problems. The two types of treaties are bilateral and multilateral treaties in where states agree on terms and the parties are therefore bond by it. Since 1945 there has been some significant treaties si...

Unlawful Conduct

An independent body was set up in 1965 and called the Law Commission, it was their main function to keep the law up to date and in constant review to allow changes to take place accordingly. Other duties include drafting bills to go to government, producing law reform reports and revising statute law. Other procedures of law reform include the advisory committee, who look at and review some aspect...

Vygotsky's theory

There is little empirical evidence for Vygotsky's theory, but it is growing, as interest in the theory has increased. Glassman (1999) argues it is wrong to see Vygotsky and Piaget as opposites, that in fact the two theories are remarkably similar especially at their central core. Piaget focused on the natural laws of intellectual development while Vygotsky concentrated on the impact of social proc...

"The White Man’s Burden" by William Easterly

However, in my opinion, it’s about time to realize if what we are really doing will help them survive the situation they are in now. Trying the same thing again and again without learning from the failures and experiences will give the same result which is failure. I strongly believe that the arguments raised by Easterly in this book should not be ignored. Hence, it must be given proper attentio...

Woman's Suffrage Alice Paul

Redemption has come for the suffering of this women when they were freed due to the demand of the public that forced the government to act. In 1918 election the Congress were mostly composed of pro-suffrage members, which made it possible for the House to reaffirmed the vote for women suffrage (304-89). The senate also follow suit as on June 4, 1919 they passed the amendment by one vote. Utmost su...

Young Offenders

Although this publication dates back the authors have made some valid discoveries in the approaches to the problems of crime and delinquency that have not changed over the years. The authors investigate the theory of the practice of punishment and delves into the extra-mural form of treatment like probation. The authors also make some concrete conclusions as to early interventions such as educatio...

The Youth in "Sonny’s Blues" and "The Conversion of the Jews"

In the same way that the society should lead the youth, the youth also serve as reminders to the elders. As we see in the two stories, the children’s actions serve as guidelines for elders’ behavior. In Sonny’s Blues, Sonny’s fate in drug addiction serves as a clear reminder to his brother of his negligence of Sonny. In The Conversion of the Jews, Ozzie himself teaches the elders how they ...

"Sorted" video and article "Risk in Perspective"

I conclude that Nicholas Saunders' article is more effective at informing its audience the accurate dangers of Ecstasy since the information is backed up with facts and government statistics. 'Sorted' might make people turn against Ecstasy but it is not telling the audience the correct dangers of Ecstasy and the possibility of the consequences show on the video are very low. The facts put forward ...

Erotic excitement

Muslim women like White, sees the Islam as a religion which allows them to play the important role in life, being a wife, and a mother. In Judaism, like in Islam, it is written in the Old Testament that a woman should be stoned to death if found to be not virgin, and in case of rape, she must marry her rapist to alleviate the shame. Women also have no legal standing, not even taking a divorce. Wom...

Teen Pregnancy Outline

For the most part, teens don’t plan on becoming pregnant. There are numerous conflicts that arise from becoming pregnant as a teen. The lives of the mother and the child often suffer immensely. According to the book Teenage Pregnancy and Poverty, “a child born to a teenage dropout is ten times more likely to live in poverty by the time he or she is eight to twelve years old” (Miller, 1...


Urbanization is a long term continuous process of transformation of society from traditional rural to modern urban communities. At present more people live in urban areas compare to rural areas, about 55% world's population is residing in urban areas in 2018.It is estimated that about 68% of world's population will projected to be urban by 2050 and about 50% population of India will be in same cat...


Researchers will be able to document their studies of women in a language that conveys the centrality of women in the development process to the development planners. Alternatively perhaps there is a requirement to build up a bigger and stronger lobby within the male world which can give greater legitimacy and recognition to women's struggle for equality and empowerment. This will be possible only...

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