Social problems Essay

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Social problems

Media nowadays shows a lot of social problems happened, either in rural areas or urban areas. Social problems among teenagers have been rampaged day by day. A lot of ways have been done by the government, institutions and several departments in order to reduce this but the percentage is getting higher. Why is that? In this scenario, parents and friends are the causes why the social crisis occur. Do you know who is the major reason regarding this issue? Who should be blamed for what had happened today? Are the parents or the friends?

As everyone knows that our first education starts from home and our first and best teachers are our own parents. Being a parent is not as easy as everyone thought it would be. Parents hold a huge responsibility in order to educate, take care of their children and to give full attention and love to their children perfectly. Parents have to sacrifice a lot and need to have high in patience and give full commitment to raise up their children. According to Magnus Keith (2012), “Parents should always remain involved in every level of their child’s behaviour in order to educate their children to be a better person. One of the strongest reasons why parents should be blamed for social problems that hit teenagers nowadays are the parents itself who have no time to spend with their children.

This is due to the parents who put maximum efforts on their works in order to find extra money for their children. Some of the parents hired a maid to take care of everything in the house such as doing the chores and to take care of their children. They assumed that a maid could give enough love and attention to their children while in fact the hildren themselves are seeking for the love from their parents. Hiring a maid or sending the children to nursery are good as it helps to reduce the burden that the parents bear but if the parents have the attitude in which they give 100% responsibility to others, how it would be? Human nature is to love and be loved. These are the reasons why the children tried to find other way that could make them happy because they know that when they are lonely at home, parents are not there for them until they felt that home is nothing. In fact, home is where the love actually is.

Home is where a place of love being build and parents should be conversant about it. The next reason to support the idea on why parents should be blamed for social problems among teenagers is that parents do not quite have those parenting skills as parents nowadays are living in the new era which most of them got through to an early marriage. Have you ever heard about parenting skills? Parenting skills are skills that every parent should have in order to educate their children to become a good person in future. Parents should be consistent when handling their children.

It is a must to enforce rules that apply to every person leading to a happy and productive life. Parents must not enforce the same rules to their children all the time. If they are going in the wrong path, the parents should be matured enough to bring them back to the right track. Parents must always control their anger whenever their children are making mistakes. Dan Daly (2010) found that “Parents must understand that it is normal for their children to feel upset, sad, confused or scared and other strong emotions when something bad happens”.

Parents must let their kids know it’s okay to have those feelings. They should make sure their kids know they can talk to them anytime, but should not force or press the issue. Being available and supportive is the most important thing. Some parents tend to scold their children by using such violence way essentially by beating their children aggressively and use harsh words every time they are talking with their children. Some of the parents do not know that their attitude might affect their children’s feelings and as well as their behaviourism.

Other than that, religious matters that are not attempted by the parents is also one of the main causes on why the social problems occurred nowadays. Every religion teaches human beings the same values and principles. For Muslim family, the parents should have educate their children in Islam’s way. More precisely, they should apply the Islamic education towards their children. Children with lack of religion matters are tend to be very ungrateful and rude. They do not know what is right and what is wrong. The starting point for education is the example of parents.

Young kids take their parents as models. If parents are lazy and careless, the children will also take laziness and carelessness as normal. If they tell lies, children will regard lying as normal and acceptable. The same applies to smoking, drinking, rude manners, swearing and all other bad habits. There is no way parents can motivate their children to practice the religion virtues if they themselves do not respect the values and try to practice them also. As children grow up, they will only perceive the inconsistency or even hypocrisy in their parents’ approach.

According to Dr Tim Markley(2011), “When a parent provides their child a response to a question or a statement he or she makes, children will pick up on verbal cues on what the parents tone voice and rhythm”. If they see positive responses to another person, they want to emulate it. If they see a negative response, they will also do the same thing too. A child hears a parent speak positively about a person, he or she is more likely to develop a positive attitude about people when they tend to speak. In conclusion, parents are the one who should take the blame for the children’s misbehaviours.

Everything starts from home. It is undeniably true that most children today misbehave when they feel unloved. A loving relationship between the parent and the child is very essential, which when not there makes the child behave badly. It is very important for parents to educate their children in a well-mannered way. Without practicing proper manner, a child will never know how to behave well. Hence, parents play a very big role in educating their children. As what the saying goes by, “Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth”.

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