Social policy directions Essay

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Social policy directions

Social Policy refers to the legislations used by governments in the administration of welfare issues and protection of the social fabric. The policies involved determine the manner in which a country’s society is developed with other issues closely related to them. Social policies are therefore essentially concerned with the wellbeing of the society, and address matters that concern the government and its people with regard to social and economic aspects of the society, which shape changes in welfare (Lewis 2009).

The process of administering social policy is done with respect to evaluation of social services such as provision of essential health services, various types of education, community care, better housing facilities, employment services and so forth. In addition, the social policy deals with social problems such as unemployment, crime and juvenile delinquency, disability, physical learning disabilities, old age and so forth (Lewis 2009).

Social policy directions also deal with matters to do with social disadvantage in the society including gender discrimination, poverty, race and racial discrimination, and the issues that relate to the various social aspects including responses to the social policy. Social policy is thus a subject rather than a discipline area since it borrows information from many other social science disciplines to develop its context (Lewis 2009). In the United Kingdom, many recent social policies have targeted the society to reduce social exclusion.

These policies aim at clearing memories of the past in which the United Kingdom was characterized by vices such as racial discrimination, social inequalities and so on, thereby strengthening the current society. This paper will review the some of the key concepts in the United Kingdom social policy and how the policy re-invigorates the past. Key aspects of the United Kingdom social policy The United Kingdom’s social policy is based on the fact that all the aspects of the society, that is, economic, social, cultural and political conditions of people are all recognized.

This outlines the context of addressing exclusion while embracing inclusion of all people. The policy is based on the standpoint that it must be embraced by the people, that is, it must live with the people and the people embracing it must put it into practice by finding something to do and doing it with a view to love someone (Royal College of Nursing). The policy thus looks simple but is also complicated. How the contents of the social policy re-invigorate the past

In order to encourage social inclusion, the United Kingdom is working hand in hand with the European Union in pursuing agenda that reduce inequalities in health by ensuring that health incentives are provided equitably to all people (Royal College of Nursing). The mechanisms being used are featured by growing concerns for awareness that inequalities in health are not caused by negative choices of lifestyles, but can occur to anyone in the society (Lewis 2009).

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