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Social Networking Essay

How has social networking affected people today? Social sites now affect people’s thoughts almost constantly and causes people to think very lowly of themselves. New advances in technology have affected the lives of many in these negative ways. In the article How many facebook friends do you need? by Robin Marantz Henig and words from Samantha Henig there are many examples of these points.

Social networking has affected those on these sites minds greatly. These sites such as twitter and facebook have almost taken over many people today’s minds. In the article Samantha Henig states that after she says something funny her mind immediately goes to the idea of tweeting it. Samantha is only one person out of many so captivated by the immediate urge to share thoughts and events with the rest of the world and put it out somewhere where everyone can see. These social sites have created a more abundant want for others to know what is going on in an individual’s life rather than their want for simply enjoying what they have themselves. In addition to these thoughts and need to share events and thoughts constantly social networking also affects people’s minds in that it has people constantly worried about what others are doing.

Through these sites participators are able to know what others are doing throughout the day without even directly contacting them. By knowing this information it allows people to compare others lives to theirs without even realizing it, and find themselves checking their phones for these sites more and more often throughout the day. Social networking gives people the fear that they are missing out on something else instead of being happy with what they are doing themselves. This is one issue that social networking and all of its participants has produced.

Furthermore this social networking has changed peoples’ views on themselves in a negative way. These sites have created an image for many individuals that only views them in the most flattering way. This causes others to begin to have the thought that they do not meet the standards of others and constantly fight with themselves with the ideas of their own image. Although these flattering photos of others are usually real they exclude the photos which might not be as flattering cause false information to be believed and not expressing people as they truly are. Besides this physical image there is also the emotional aspect this social networking spreads.

These sites spread people’s information on where they are and with who making some feel out of the loop or left out. This causes many to feel not included and increase the worry in their own social status that is already present. In the people who see these posts their minds begin to wonder and try harder to become more popular in their own minds and more importantly others struggling to fight for the most followers, likes or friends.

Social sites affect people’s thoughts at almost every second and causes people to negatively change their opinions on themselves. This issue of new social networking affected people in their thoughts and feelings.

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