Social Networking Disadvantages Essay

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Social Networking Disadvantages

Social networking disadvantages are mostly related to safety issues. Online social interaction has become a very popular activity online. Like most popular activities there is always a certain amount of danger involved. Social networking disadvantages will be minimized if you are cautious when you use it. Internet networking is the act of interacting and sharing information with others online. If you share the wrong information to the wrong person it can end in some dangerous results. If you are careful when giving out information and networking on social sites than you will most likely be safe and have a great time connecting with others.

Many social sites have upgraded their security to make it much safer for users. When social interaction sites first appeared on the market they were completely untested. Because of this there were many ways for predators and criminals to do harm to users. Hackers are always a concern with the majority of online sites. This is especially true for certain networking sites which promote tons of personal information about individuals. The social meeting sites have taken a lot of hits in the lack of security they provide. Young teens have been killed, forced to commit suicide, and abducted by child predators while using their social networking site. Although these incidents are horrible acts, they do not happen on a regular basis. Many such sites have raised their age limits and security to ensure better safety for networking users. Social networking disadvantages can be safely dodged if the sites are used properly.

Social networking disadvantages are lessened if you follow some common networking safety tips. The first tip to underrate social networking disadvantages is to utilize the privacy settings on your profile. One of the biggest dangers during socializing is having too much personal information available. You can use the privacy settings to screen incoming individuals and what they see of your profile. The second tip to reduce social networking disadvantages is to maintain your computer defenses. Always have virus protection and anti-virus on your computer. Networking sites can have a host of ads that contain virus code which can infect your computer.

The third tip to decrease social networking disadvantages is to review the¬†network website’s safety notifications, standards, policies, and learn how to report violating content. It can usually be found during the registration process. Make a copy so you have it handy if there is ever a security problem that you need to deal with. Another tip for curtailing social networking disadvantages is to remember to be cautious. Don’t post it on your profile unless you want everyone in the world to see it.

Bad people are always lurking online waiting for someone innocent to prey on. People are not who they claim to be the majority of the time. Do not meet anyone from a social site unless you are sure that you know them or who they are. Even if you are comfortable with meeting that person still bring a friend and tell people about the meeting in case anything goes wrong. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to social networking disadvantages.

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