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Social network service

Internet is recently one of the fast, convenient ways for people to communicate with other people around the world. Especially with social networking sites, people are now able to create their own world online. They can do all the things they want to do even things they can’t do them in their real lives. Most likely, teenagers are a great numbers of users and members of the networking sites such as Myspace, Hi5, Facebook and Friendster. They usually get online and join those sites on their free time. Adults are not exceptions here, they use networking sites to do research, communicate with others or do their work online.

In some aspects, those networking sites have shared the bad publicity of identity theft, false profiles, and online predators. In fact, those things have happened recently because social networking sites can not control what kind of people will be online and join their sites, so the risks are obviously not created by their faults. Despite of those bad publicities, social networking are still popularfor their great functions and features. Specially, creating a comfortable entertain atmosphere, helping people improve their social skills, and providing interesting information for users to learn and expand their knowledge.

First, social networking sites create a comfortable entertain atmosphere that people can access anytime when they are at home. These sites are like playground where people can find things to do. For example, for bored people, it is probably a good place for them to spend their time. Moreover, these social networking sites allow people to create a personal profile in order to keep in touch with old friends, make new friends and even to look for a date online. For instance, we have been using Yahoo for two years, and we were surprised that this site helped us to reunite my old friends in high school in Manila.

It was amazing that we also have a lot of new friendships since we have used it. Moreover,social networking sites also encourage people to create their own profiles, which can include their personal information, their interest, their photo slides, blog entries and even music clips. These are great features because people can share not only their information with others but also share their interests and hobbies as well. Some people write their dairies in blogs, where entries are made in journal style, to share with others and allow people to post comments in comment box.

Therefore,social networking sites are good places for people to make friends and express their feelings with online world. Next, another advantage of social networking sites is helping people to practice and improve their social skills. Just like talking on the phone, socialization on the internet give people chances to think about their conversation and have more time to think how to response. Thus, this kind of socializing is more convenience than face-to-face interaction. It is a good opportunity for them to experiment with greetings and response, especially with kids and teenagers w ho are anxious when they involve in conversations.

Moreover, social networking sites are also useful for people with special needs can express themselves, including thought and feeling, more easily and without fear of being teased or rejection they may have in real life. Specially, for people with learning disabilities, these sites help them to socialize anonymously. For instance, they can present different personas or act as people who they really are when they create profiles online, because in real life they don’t have chances to be themselves in some ways.

By using these sites, they will have a great experience with initiating and maintaining online friendships. They will become more confident and improve their social skills, which they may carry over into real life and give them courage to maintain friendship in real life. So you see, there are a lot of things that are going on with these social networking sites. That’s the reason why we chose this topic. We wanted to know the effects brought by social networking sites to fourth year students, particularly to the fourth year students of IV- Love of the College of the Holy Spirit of Tarlac.

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