Social Network Movie Review Essay

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Social Network Movie Review

1. Explain why Erica Albright, Mark’s girlfriend, did break up with him?

Erica Albright broke up with Mark Zuckerberg just because in a small, tiny thing. Also, Erica doesn’t want Mark to underestimate her. By letting him introduce Erica to his new friends when he gets a new club on Harvard to let him be popular.

2. How did Mark betray Eduardo?

As shown in the film what happens is that Mark dilutes Eduardo’s stock in Facebook. Zuckerberg, Parker, Saverin, and Moskovitz all had significant segments of Facebook stock along with investor Peter Thiel. Increasingly dissatisfied with Eduardo, Mark decides to push him out of the company. To do so he does a major stock issue, increasing the total number of shares of Facebook stock available. While he, Moskovitz, and Thiel all get more shares of stock, Eduardo retains the same number of shares he originally had.

Since there are more overall shares this means that Eduardo controls far less of the company than he did originally. Eduardo’s share of the company went from 33%, second only to Mark’s 51%, down to an insignificant 0.03%, effectively removing him as a power within the company. This enraged Eduardo and he sued Mark, settling for an undisclosed amount of money out of court and having his name restored as co-founder of the site.

3. Did Mark really do all the things Eduardo implied he did in the confrontation?

This is never explicitly stated. But in a way, the point of the film is not to explain these things directly. This is shown in the final scene where Marilyn, the junior lawyer on Mark’s team explains to him how easy it would be for her to win the cases against him, she mentions how she doesn’t have to prove anything, just ask the right questions that people will form the answers to in their own minds regardless of what he says. This is very much the trick the film uses too when it’s making more serious implications about the actions of the characters. Did Mark steal Facebook? Did Mark try to cheat Eduardo out of Facebook? Did Mark leak the story about the chicken; did he call the cops on Sean’s party? Is he an a**hole? The film never outright says any of it, just get you wondering.

4. What happen to Sean Parker?

After his cocaine stunt (and his attempted manipulation of Mark into believing he was innocent and Eduardo was the culprit), Sean was fired from facebook although, as Mark says, he still owns seven percent of the company. In reality, Parker claims that Eduardo’s sacking was not his fault or doing and the two reportedly have remained friends even to this day. Parker is still very much involved in facebook even participating in conferences and meeting with Mark Zuckerberg regularly although he no longer holds any real power in the companies’ decision making. He has invested in several other online ventures since being let go from facebook and currently holds an annual net worth of $2.1 billion.

5. What are some of the personal and legal complications, Mark encountered as working on his idea on facebook?

Some of the legal and personal complications Mark encountered were about smoking of cocaine, drinking too much alcohol and his friends betraying and filing him cases.

6. Explain the lawsuit filed by the Winklevoss twins and the other one filed by Eduardo.

The lawsuit filed by the Winklevoss twins was about the act of theft; copy of idea of Mark Zuckerberg to his social networking site facebook. The lawsuit filed by Eduardo Saverin to Mark Zuckerberg was the act of not following the negotiation of them having Eduardo being the Co-founder, FEO of facebook and having a 5% share on the site.

7. What is the package Mark receives immediately after Eduardo confronts him?

The package contains the calling cards of Mark Zuckerberg that read “ I am CEO b*itch.” It is Sean’s joke about Mark putting that on a business card to that he is the boss.

8. How much sex, violence and profanity are in this movie? Explain.

Sex & Nudity

This film contains a lot of parties, many of them involving sexual situations. Women are seen in bikinis, dancing and prancing on stages and playing strip poker. Two women are seen kissing each other passionately.

It goes further when Eduardo and his girlfriend make their way into a bathroom stall, kissing and groping each other passionately. They undo each others clothes, and the girl unbuckles his belt, and begins to make her way down (oral sex implied). In the stall next door, it is heavily implied that Mark and the girl that he’s with do the same thing, according to the sounds.

At yet another party, a girl lies down in an upstairs bedroom, and allows men to snort cocaine off her bare torso (she is wearing a bra). She is shown smiling, and the men are seen about to snort (but it is not shown).

In the cold, students entering the school are asked questions about its history, and must remove clothing if they answer a question wrong. One male student is seen in his underwear.

Sean shares adulterous relations, and at one point, sleeps with a girl in her apartment. She is seen wearing underwear that partially show her backside, and he is seen shirtless. She is seen partially getting into a shower later.

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