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Essay on Social Network

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Rogerian Argument

Being a college student, I know that almost every fellow student engages in some type of social networking site—whether it is Facebook, Twitter, etc. Personally, I love Twitter and find it very beneficial while trying to stay in touch with old friends from high school; however, I am aware of the negative aspects of social networking sites and keep that in mind while using them. In high school at...

One Direction Fans on Internet

In conclusion, I would send these pointless monstrosities to Room 101 to rid myself of them forever. No more YouTubers begging for attention on Twitter, no more Directioners screaming about how Niall got a haircut and no more drunk thirteen year olds stumbling up and down Union Street looking incredibly lost. Putting these horrible things into the dark abyss which is Room 101 would definitely make...

Social Networking Disadvantages Today

In conclusion, Social media isn't always what we think it is. There are risks and downfalls to it. Cutting back on social networking is a sustainable thing because it has become, such a large part of our society. We want this world to be as comfortable as possible. You can do that by being safe, creating relationships, and continuing to grow as a person. We don't have to stop social networking, we...

Case: Patients like me

Does it have the potential of becoming the “Bloomberg of medical data’? PLM has opened a large amount of data about different patients that would otherwise not be avaliable to third party institutions. This makes it possible for them to become a ”Bloomberg of medical data”. It is without doubt that this can be a large business opportunity for PLM and the firms in need of medical informatio...

Validity, Reliability and Credibility

In our reading, page 128 chapter 4, “Evaluating Website Credibility: A Tip from the Professional,” says it is best to do our best in assessing features of any website before we consider information important. Internet sources should be completely avoided nor should information be immediately trusted. This is why the information on the tax situation was not taken likely or serious by all that ...

Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness is really customer-oriented providing additional Zumba classes as Zumbatomic for kids, Zumba gold student, Aqua Zumba for swimming admires, Zumba toning and others. Thus, Zumba Fitness tends to attract new target audience, even those who prefer swimming. Zumba fitness created special brightcolors clothing range for Zumba dancing using the right marketing plan. Members of Zumba fitnes...

The Case of the Unknown Industries

N corresponds to commercial bank. The accounts receivable for this industry is very high compared to other industries because the nature of the business is giving out loans. Consequently, this industry has a very long collection period of 8047 days because of the long-term loans. On the other hand, their clients would save money which lead to a relatively high accounts payable, and businesses woul...

Public Relations on the World Wide Web

Comparing that scenario to the current environment on the World Wide Web, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are continuously being relied upon by individuals (or organizations) to provide their personal perspectives. It’s clear that in today’s information super-highway, every person is trying to build their own perception of the world they live in while at the same time they are concerned...

Stages of Social Transformation

5. Transformation: Even the most high-performing groups will revert to earlier stages in certain circumstances. Many long-standing groups go through these cycles many times as they react to changing developments. Those that reach the transformation stages are the groups who create meaningful and significant change that positively impacts the entire human network. These groups are philosophically ...

Disavantage & Advantage of Internet

If you are using Firefox, you can install Web Of Trust add-on so you can get warnings about online scams, sites with adult content, and spam. With this, you can help keep your computer safe from online threats like spyware, adware, and viruses. Theft of Personal Information If you use the internet, there is a great risk of stealing your personal information such as name, address, credit card no. ,...

Twitter: Social Media

Sentiment Analysis is the prediction of feeling in a word, sentence or corpus of documents that has massive scope nowadays. A lot of labor has been place into it and there is an enormous redundant data to minimize the frequency of tweets which may be spam or fake reviews. The tweets also provide information concerning the user, location, time-zone etcetera so as to segregate the user opinion from ...

Games As a Huge Industry

Nintendo is very popular among youth as it uses its Facebook wall in order to display the information regarding new updates and all the news related to their gaming industry. Also they create a survey which ask their followers about the consoles they use and what kind of details they want to see on their Facebook wall as well as which games and news they're excited about. Therefore this resulted a...

A Novel Method Of Combining Trust Networks

This research have proposed a novel method of combining trust, social similarity with Collaborative filtering in order to overcome issues like data sparsity and cold start scenarios from which the traditional approaches suffered from. Trust network is constructed using MoleTrust, then Trust, Similarity and Social Similarity are combined into three separate merged ratings. Then an average is taken ...

QS Assignment - Social Network


Twitter Analysis of NeverAgain

#NeverAgain demonstrates how a movement that is sourced online can be more than an isolated echo chamber for people who are stuck behind their screens. Indeed, the movement has, by its very nature, been very engaged from its beginning. For instance, the conversation has often included a dialogue between the #NeverAgain activists and opponents from conservative news sites or organizations like NRA....

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