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Social, Moral and Cultural Effects of Introducing ICT to a System Essay

When ICT is introduced to a workplace, there is bound to be several changes in and around that workplace. ICT is such a powerful tool that businesses can take advantage of and use to help them but it does have its effects, some good, and some bad.

Three of the main effects the introduction of ICT will definitely have are new jobs being created, old ones being modified and possibly jobs lost. To keep the ICT system running efficiently in a workplace it takes time and effort of the workers. technicians and programmers will be used to set up the system and get it functioning. It takes time to get all the components of a system together and network computers if that is what you require. Exactly what the technicians and programmers will do depends on what you want the system to do. Different computers will be used for different jobs just as different printers can be effective for different tasks. Once the hardware of the system is all set up and ready to go, the programmers will move in. It will be their job to install an OS (Operating System) on the computers and program any specific applications they may require (this could just be creating a database in Microsoft Access).

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Once this is all complete, the computers are ready to be managed by System Administrators, Network Managers and Systems Analyst who will keep the system going and may rely on the knowledge of technicians if any major problems or errors may occur. All of the above jobs will need to be filled in order for your system to function to a high standard.

You may find that one of your current employees knows how to set up a network and the software you require, and if so their job will change. Changes in people’s jobs and day-to-day tasks will differ with the introduction of ICT. Now that ICT is used they will do the same job, but they may well have to go about doing it differently. For example, if a worker in a library stores the data on cards and places it in a filing cabinet in order when someone wants to borrow a book they would do the same job if they had a computer in front of them. However, they might have to access a database and instead enter the data in there, rather than the slow tedious filing cabinets. This would apply to lots of jobs in offices; receptionists, typists and secretaries would now type up and organize meetings on their computer using calendar software and DTP software such as Microsoft Word. This would also make errors in their job less likely due to spell check.

However, not all companies want to pay for the training that they would have to give their staff in order for them to be able to use the system and its software. Some of them may have not ever used a computer before, and it can be very difficult and expensive to train staff who have no past experience with their software. Some jobs will always require training; especially if you are using personalized software that was created for your business only. These days, software such as Microsoft Word tends to be quite common to people and this will know the basics of how to operate it as computers become more popular.

Staff who previously had jobs in accountancy and added up figures or wrote personalized letters to members of leisure centre or library may lose their jobs. It would be easier for the company to bring in new typists or accountants who are already trained with the software they would be using, and are familiar with computers. If the company can bring in people with past experience they are likely to chose that route rather than pay for members of staff unfamiliar with the software to be trained in it.

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