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Social Media Writing Services

As a freelance writer, there are many things you want to have in your arsenal in order to help you help your clients. With social media the rage today and social media marketing being pushed as a popular marketing method, this is an opportunity for writers with the skill and knowledge to provide such a service.

To offer social media writing services, you need to know about the social media sites that you plan to offer your services on. It takes more than just having an account and knowing how to post there.

You need to know all the ins and outs of the site, what makes it tick and how to properly interact on that site.

For example, you need to be able to engage an audience, have good listening skills, have good writing skills, understand social media etiquette and know how to create and execute a proper social media marketing plan for your client.

Clients today are looking for social media experts to make posts for them, build accounts, maintain accounts, interact with friends and more.

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You might help promote products or services for the client company. You might help promote a sale or promotional campaign. You might even help your client learn to build or manage their own social media accounts for the purpose of marketing and building brand awareness.

You can also offer SEO writing, articles, blogging services, press releases and more- all part of your social media and marketing services as a freelance writer. How will you market your social media writing services today?

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