Social Media: This is The Future Essay

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Social Media: This is The Future

In my opinion no, I do not think that Social Media, our future, is going to be a good one. There are a few reasons why I think that. Social media has changed the virtual and physical landscape in many ways some of good and some of bad. There is content distributed on the Internet that lives forever and social media has dramatically increased the amount of “personal” content being created and shared, sometimes virally. Once you hit the “send”, “enter”, “post” or “update” button on a social media site, you can no longer control who sees that picture, post, editorial comment or crazy video. It belongs to the free world, even if you instantly have remorse and try to recall, delete or otherwise eliminate it. The control that we all think that we have we done. And even if we delete our post or pictures there are companies that have created technology specifically designed to capture information supposedly “deleted” from the internet. We don’t have our privacy anyone.

There is also a risk of being hacked and getting all of our personal information stolen and used for wrong doings. Hackers are getting smarter and making new programs that can access accounts no matter how safe they are. Not only that by younger kids are using social media and posting stuff that they think is funny or cool but in reality it terrible and can land them in trouble. When young kids use social media the post or conversations san get heated and turn into cyber-bullying. It will also have a serious effect on the other little kid getting bullied which can lead to some terrible choices in their future because they might not know how to handle the situation. Also social media is just time wasting, it makes you less productive and throws off your focus. If you like celebrity drama about the littlest things, then by all means go read up on it; me personality, I’ll be spending my time more productively.

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