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Social Media Paper Essay

The advantage of obtaining information easily is to have the information fast and without a hassle. Before the Internet people had to request information from other sources by mail. In return the information would take up to a month before they could receive a response. A different method would be to research. Students would visit a nearby library to research for a school project. The disadvantage with obtaining information easily is that not all information will be creditable. People need to put in practice a basic skill to think critically. This way the information been request over the Internet will be narrow down to your needs. Thinking critically will help to find reliable sources and the sources will be creditable. The advantage of social media is no News and Media the world will not work properly for so long. The news provides a real life image of the world around us. The media helps us to know and grow with our knowledge. We learn to think critically to search for information in Internet, newspapers, and all sources of media. If media would disappear no one will know what is happening in their country and the world. People will be surprise if a natural disaster would happen in their community or city.

The disadvantage of social media is people lose interest in the real world because of social networking. Another disadvantage is that people’s attention span shortens due to the lack of thinking critically. People now a day does prefer to stay in doors to do social networking like Face book, Twitter, and YouTube. They lose interest in knowing about their daily activities. Knowing these advantages and disadvantages can alter the way people can use social media because they would use this source to hack computers and have access to sensible information. Other people use social media like Face book with cyber bullying. A few people will use this social media to find old high school friends, and college friends. This source also helps reunite family friends and find friends and family. The credibility issues that can rise from information found on the Internet are trustworthy, bias and conflict of interest. People need to check for trustworthy information. Is the source reliable? How many reviews has this source received? People will need to learn how to avoid having a bias mentality in regards to their reading. They need to read and learn from both sides of stories to maintain a neutral side and make the appropriate decisions.

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