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Social Media Paper

There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages of using Social Media, therefore you have to use your best judgment when logging on to the internet. One advantage of Social Media is being able to connect with family and friends across the world. Not only can you share pictures and videos, you can also speak with friends and family live. No longer do you have to write a letter or make long distance phone calls because your close ones are now a Facebook message a way. I have family in St. Louis Mo who keep up with everything from graduations to birthdays etc… Social Media is the closest thing to being with your family and friends that we have especially for our Soldiers fighting for our country. If you’re an artist you can share your music on different Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube and even Myspace. Uploading your music to social media saves you money because you’re not paying a company to promote your music.

Broadcasting your music online also gives you a chance to reach out to broader audience and share it with others. The disadvantage is that you’re dealing with all different kinds of people who are willing to criticize your music, so it’s best that you have tough skin. There are people out there who will say things just to hurt your feelings, I call those people cyber bullies because they intentionally hurt people for no reason. Social Media is also a way to bring attention to issues that are happening in our world every day that are not aired on television until it’s posted everywhere on social media. For instance all the videos of the police brutality were first posted on social media and was not brought into the light until people became outraged and shared the videos. It may have been too late for the victims but I believe the airing of the videos will save a lot of lives and bring police brutality down significantly.

These days information is so easily able to obtain online, all it takes is just a click of a button. One advantage of easily obtainable information is that you can find almost all of your answers surfing the web from the comfort of your own home. Instead of having to go to the library and sort through tons of books you can just research by typing a few keywords into the search panel. Another advantage of the information being so easily attainable is being able to research and review certain companies you may be interested in taking your business to. The reviews listed can either make or break a deal depending how serious you take reviews. Instead of finding out the hard way if a company’s reputable, you can check reviews posted by actual costumers and save a headache. There’s been a lot of crimes against children these days and it’s nice to be able to log on and check if there are any convicted felons in my area.

Making the offenders whereabouts public gives residents an option to decide if they want to live in that location or not. I think a lot of the felons think twice about what they’ve done being that there information is all over the internet for the world to see the horrible crime they’ve committed. A disadvantage of information being easily obtainable is personal information may be accessible that you don’t want to be such as your address. For instance my husband and I bought our house and a friend of mine called and complimented me on how nice the inside of my house was because she was able to view it online. Its advantage to be able to view pictures of home online when you’re actually searching but when you actually buy it becomes a lot more personal. You can just google someone’s name and the majority of their personal information will pop up.

The bad thing about that is anyone can find you including people you may not want to find you. There’s so much information on the internet but it’s up to you to decide whether it’s credible or not. The way I decide if the information is credible is by verifying what the intentions of the author are. Does the author specialize in what he’s writing about? Is the author trying to convince us because he can gain something from winning the readers over? Does the other cite where they got the information from?

These are all the questions I ask myself before citing information off of the internet. If I can’t answer these questions I will not use the author’s information to cite and look for a stronger source. Using information that does not have strong creditability can lead to someone being misinformed especially if you’re researching an important topic, you want to make sure you have strong credentials which will lead to you being more reliable to give correct information.

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