Social Media Has Influenced Hip Hop Culture a Lot

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Social Media is the key to make rapper famous, rich and also solved some racial problems. As people know, Social Media is almost controlled people’s life, people always put more time on their social media. For people who really know how to use the social media, it might make them succeed. The Main concept of this paper is “ is really social media influenced hip hop culture?” and “ how social media influenced hip hop culture”. There are a lot informations about social media you might not know.

Social media has had a tremendous impact on the world. It has both positive and negative impacts, it has impact on politics, business, socialization and some of the bad effects as cyber bullying and privacy. First of all on politics, social media plays a really important role in so many elections all over the world, and it have inspired mass movement, for example, some people in the north of the country trying to against xxx law, so they can use social media to find more people who are has same thought as theirs.

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Second on business, social media absolutely influence a lot of business all around the world, many companies using social media to advertise their products, and they can finish a business without face to face, it is a lot convince. It really helps a lots business. Third on socialization, social media has the opportunity to help people re-connect their old friend, make new friends, exchange ideas and share stuff with people from all over the world.

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Students can find their source for their project on social media, it helps students improve their academic and communication skills with other people. Knowing and learning different culture. So people catch this using social media made a lot ads and help them to know a lot more about other cultures and it is really good for their music product.

Also social media has negative effects too. Social media has a lots of convince but some of the users has so attracted by social media, at the end, these users all not willing to or afraid to talk to people in the real world and ignore the real world outside. Also cyberbullying and bullying still exist, bad people can target you for cyber bullying and harassment, especially young girl, children. And also old people are not good at use social media, and they easily to trust. Bad people catch the point to swindle thoses old people. impact on productivity, many companies has stop or blocked the social network, because many employees using social media too much and it influence their efficiency for their work, and people put more attention on social media. Also it has some privacy affect, people can steal your information from the network, it is so easy to lose your own information on the network, also your own picture on the social media,they can steal it and use it to do bad thing. So Social media has both positive and negative impacts, each user should to use social media wisely to enhance their professional and social life.

Public Sphere-is an area in social life where individuals can come together to freely discuss and identify societal problems, and through that discussion influence political action. It is a constitutive element of democracy. Social Media as a new form of public sphere. Mass media is a important role play in social media. Actually Social media is mass media, different is mass media puts the audience in a passive position, social media puts audience at the center.One of the bad effect for social media is addict to social media, they put most of their time on the social media, it is the biggest problem right now. Lots of people hanging around outside, but they still pay more attention to their phone (social media). Social media make more addicted people appear, and ignore or lost the real world outside. So people catch this using social media made a lot ads and help them get famous and let more and more people listen to their music. But at same time social media will bring negative news, celebrities can’t live like a normal person. If the rapper not focus on protect their secret, or lost their information by not on purpose, social media will show to the audience at the first time. Also if something happened, people will knows about it in an hour or a day.

Social Media is world wild, everyone in the world using social media a lot. Rappers always want to make their music world wild, they want more people listen to it. More and more people listen to it, that means more and more money will come into their pocket. So the social media is the key to make that happen. Nowaday more and more rappers get famous, because of the social media. Even people say that social media is new Hip Hop world. Hip Hop is a culture and art movement developed in the bronx in New York City in the late 1970s. The Hip Hop movement is booming back to 1970s, because it has own historical reason. The direct reason is that the black teenagers are facing a transformation from racialism to the gap between rich and poor. That means back to that time black teenagers has 2 times more Crime Rate and 9 times less employment rate than white people. In New York, lots of drug deals and fighting in the street. Then they have a MC which is a leader of gang, they wanna use music way or dance way to fight with each other not the real fight. Through MC to organize large-scale neighborhood parties, to ease the contradictions between the youth gangs and ease the pressure.

In the Left picture, Kris wu and travis scott performing together in a nightclub after their new song “deserve” was released, on the right Kris Wu has announced his new song coupe feature with Rich the kid. Kris Wu who is a superstar in China, he has been actor, Kpop Star, love song singer, and now he is focusing on the Hip Hop music. I think it is my first time to see a yellow race and a black race perform together. Kris Wu also is a first chinese who live performed in super bowl 2018. The reason why I chose this pictures because, it is a big step across eastern to western, people used to think Black people got the best skills on hip hop game, but now as Kris Wu did these things, hiphop is raising in china. He actually established a bridge for eastern to western. It is really meaningful.Also Kris Wu as a yellow race, he is the first chinese to perform live in super bowl game. From what Kris Wu has done, many more yellow race people knows they also can do it, it is really meaningful for the hip hop culture in the eastern world.

Hip Hop, American Culture reach so far all way around the world. Higher Brothers are 4 members 1.Masiwei 2. Psy.P 3. Dz Know 4. Melo. They are used to be underground rapper in China, 1 year ago , the hip hop rap culture in china is not that popular cuz it is not put on TV and no any Ads about hip Hop. people who love hip hop, they only can do it underground, and only young people knows about it. Old people doesn’t like it because they think rap is always talking about drugs, fights and bad words. Higher Brother was connect with the manager of 88 rising, Sean. Sean find out a lot good thing about higher brother, then he use “made in china” and made a reaction video, this is why Higher brother blow up From china to America. From the video we can see how smart is the 88rising manager, he basically just use social media to make this talented Crew blow up in America. First time he has heard about higher brother and their songs, he knew they are good. But back to that time Hip Hop culture in China still not mean a lot to people, and all the rappers who wanna do rap only can stay underground, only got chance play in the beer bar or live house. So Sean find all these rappers made a reaction video for higher brothers song “Made In China”, then because of these rappers they are so famous , more and more people from all over the world saw the video and higher brother blow up. This is a great example of how social media is working in this Hip Hop culture.

Social media definitely helps and influence on hip hop culture. People can see the difference between old time and now, no matter in China or America. Social media is kind of a bridge from westworld all the way across the world to the eastworld. Rappers should write a song thank for what social media has bought for them. Social media bring both good thing and bad thing to people, but from this paper that social media really did a good job as a key to make all that happened. People use these word “Convenience”, “fast”, “easy to use” and “fresh” to describe social media. It is so true, social media can bring the newest news for people, and also social media made a lot profit on all of ads.

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