Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing has become the most popular form of advertising. There are different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchats, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more on the list. In the US, the most common platforms in use by the adults are Facebook and YouTube while Instagram and Snapchat occupy the largest population of the youths using it (Hopkins, 2016). This indicates that depending on the demographic nature of the targeted market one can be able to choose the best platform to advertise your products as a company.

The report indicates that most of the company that advertises their products through Facebook accounts for the largest of share to their annual financial incomes. It is worth understanding that social media advertising does not select any type of business to be it a huge business or medium or even small. For the starting businesses, it is advisable to invest in the social media platforms to increase the awareness of the products that the company offers or produces.

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The only advice and tactic is the need to invest some significant time in making and building of a presence and modeling a very engaging content in the advertisement. In the same, it would yield well if the company promoting the products raises some premiums to the bloggers with the largest number of followers in order to pave way for them to be advertised in the same blog (Hopkins, 2016).

Social media marketing yields so many benefits to the companies that give the site to it as the best method to promote their products.

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The advantages include the following. Increased brand awareness: In this case, it is the most common way to syndicate content and increases the visibility of the business applying this method of advertising. Implementation of the strategy of using social media increases brand recognition, ensuring the business reputation and familiarity (Kurtz & Boone, 2015). More inbound traffic: If the company is not in the social media then the inbound traffic is too much limited to the usual customers in which the company should be receiving. Those customers familiar to the product in which the company is promoting searches the product in the search engines ranking the product of that specific company. Improved search engine rankings: In this case, the search engine optimization sounds very important in order to achieve a higher product ranking as well as obtaining the traffic in the same business website. Higher conversational rates: With access to the higher visibility of the business the company has access to higher conversations than before it had ventured in the social media platforms (Kurtz & Boone, 2015). Access to the conversation assists the people involved to realize the best preferences of the customers in the market. They as well get access to the feedback of their products already in the market. Better customer satisfaction: Social media may be basically termed as a networking and communication platform through which a voice of the company is created and assists in humanizing the company, or the business in question.

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