Social Media Addiction: The Productivity Killer

Therefore, this essay shall evaluate in the distractions and ways in which it proves time-wasting yet on the other end it’s productive and also rewarding.

Social media has caused distracting to the tertiary level students by taking away their attention. Nowadays it’s very difficult for a student handling multi-task that combined and make it harder to buckle down and pay attention because of the high addictive of social media in their life it reveals to be a real effect.

In any kind of digital media that student engages themselves in it, whether sending text to a friend or posting anything on Facebook this can result in poor and low academic performances in school. The time spent by a student on social media is much that it can be spent in doing homework, attending lectures and tutorial and take care of them by having enough sleep. For instance at the University of the South Pacific many times when lectures and tutorial are been conducted many of the student busy chatting on social media rather than paying attention to the lecturer or tutor.

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These have shown how student are being careless that they are less attentive and result in drop of grade in universities. (Writers.S,2013).

In addition, the other negative effects of social media distracting it affect productivity. It is where student using social media during their study hour. The using of social media between studies is ineffective because it will divert your mine from studying. The use of social media also makes people unhappy or less productivity and prevents people from doing their job very well because of social media addiction.

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Rather than learning the student will be more curious about the teacher’s personal information if the student is friend with the teacher on social media. “He warned that behaviour on social media could affect one’s chances of gaining some companies now went to social media to check on the person’s behaviour” by Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum ( Charles C,2017). Now current generation when one need to gain and employment they will go through social media to check out his/her personality in order of one’s productivity.

Moreover, the disadvantages of social media are time-wasting this is where teenagers get easily obsessed and uses productive time for useless things. Whether it’s scrolling thru their Twitter feed, sending Snapchats, or posting photos on Instagram, young adults spend nearly one 0.33 of their day on their telephones. According to a have a look at from Common Sense Media, teenagers typically spend around nine hours an afternoon the usage of social media. Whether it’s a way to speak with buddies or without a doubt spend more time, dependency on social media and technology has emerged. Most of student has social media accounts. Unfortunately, many have advanced the habit of checking their notification and message a couple of times throughout the day, even when they are at school. Time spent on personal accounts is time that is not spent on faculty responsibilities. Even whilst a student spends just a few seconds on social media, it can take several minutes to refocus on the task that she became working on before checking her smartphone. It is also time now not spent interacting with colleagues and growing quality gaining knowledge of relationships. For instances, “As we have seen recently in Fiji, because of certain images of students and people being put up , people have actually committed suicide,” Mr Sayed Khaiyum Said.(Charles.C,2017 Thus student have spent more of their productive time on social media that has lead them to forget the value of life in this modern era.

Whereas, there are positive ways too that social media brings because it is productive firstly is, keep families and friends connected. The first and foremost advantage of social media is connectivity. People from anywhere can connect to each person. The splendour of social media is that you may hook up with everybody to research and proportion your mind. Since our global has distinct religions and beliefs. Social media helps in constructing and participating in the community of very own religion and believes to talk about and study it. Similarly, people of various communities can connect to speak about and share related stuff. For instance, Game lover can be a part of games associated communities, automobile lover can be part of groups related to automobiles and so on. The social not only help people in connecting with friends and relatives but help in connecting with other people regardless of their different personality.

The social media is productive to tertiary level students because it help student in access to educational websites Social media has a lot of benefits for the students and teachers. It is very clean to educate from others who’re professionals and specialists through the social media. You can comply with each person to learn from him/her and enhance your understanding about any field. Regardless of your area and training history you may teach yourself, without deciding to buy it. You can connect to anybody you need anytime and anywhere. People who use the identical social community create their personal community with not unusual pastimes, activities, and topics for discussions. Social media web sites have improved student’s communiqué as they are able to connect with their classmates easily. Another issue is the opportunity to collaborate supplied through those social networks. Group discussions and even video calls contribute to the efficacy of the introduced group projects.

There are also advantages of the student using social media is rewarding these help students in reducing stress. People who use social media, especially heavy customers, had been now not greater confused because when u are on social media it revealed your stress by watching or reading something valuable on social media. Emotions expressed online have an effect on your temper. It not best facilitates to relieve social isolation however additionally open new conversation pathways and gives a whole lot-needed help. It lets in human beings to share their mind without revealing their identity. And it develops within humans a greater skill of self-expression without any fear. For instances when coming back from school with lots of stress regarding assignments and other school work while opening social media it makes someone feel relieved. The use of social media has reduced stress to the student so it also helps them in improving their daily lives.

Social media also reward student to keep student stay updated with the ‘connect’ world. The upward push of social media and networking has made it quicker and less difficult to get admission to data round the arena, and by means of having smaller, chunk-sized chunks of records make it easier for people to digest and speak to one. The main advantage of social media is that you update yourself from the latest happenings around in the world. Most of the time, Television and print media these days are biased and does not convey the true message. With the help of social media, you can get the facts and true information by doing some research. For instances, three billion people, around 40% of the world’s population, use online social media – and we are spending an average of two hours every day sharing, liking, tweeting and updating on these platforms, according to CNN. This has clearly indicated that student use social media to connect them around the world because the world is just in our fingertips.

To conclude, Social media modified our life so much. Our existence became more convenient due to the fact social media is a very beneficial device for us in twenty-first century; it is able to assist us to improve our existence. However, we ought to aware about how we use them. If we ought to use the social media neatly, having social media becomes a great trade for us.


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