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Social Learning Essay

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Social Media as Social Learning: Social learning is defined in this article as learning with and from others, using social media tools to learn informally. Today’s technology allows us to share information, find new resources, and access knowledge from people regardless of time or location. These tools help us to facilitate our natural desire to learn and collaborate (Allen and Ellis, 2011). Businesses are realizing that to stay competitive, they need to reach outside of the company norms, to obtain the training and knowledge that they seek for their employees.

The article discusses new paradigms that measure the competency metrics of the how and how much an employee absorbs from the technology and resources that they use. With the industries changing rapidly, the rate that knowledge is needed to be applied to their jobs fits the old adage of,” I needed it yesterday. ” This new form of absorption training is changing the composition of the workforce and the future productivity of its workers. This article lists many pros and cons in the debate of allowing social media to be implemented in the workplace. In the end it is ultimately up to each business and how they monitor and evaluate their employee’s progress and training.

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This technology is still being studied, but it is not foolproof against theft of time. What Will It Mean? The rise of this type of interactive training and development can and will be beneficial to the HRM and HRD fields. This type of access to instant information engages the employees immediately and allows for zero time response limits. The employees have access to anything and everything that they need to do their jobs to their fullest potential. The implications to the HR fields will be in getting the access to the employees in a safe and secure process that will not harm the company.

This push towards freedom of information could possible lead to the dissolving of one or both of these departments. These jobs could be combined or downsized to a minimum number. To protect their jobs the HR departments need to implement enterprise level social networks to 2 SOCIAL LEARNING control and channel the activities to work related topics. During 2012 Americans spent 20% of their time (74 billion minutes) on social media sites (Huffington Post, 2013).

Monitoring, redirection of time and topic control are the keys for these two departments currently, but this will change as the social media evolves. What’s In Use? Currently I am homeschooling my three children. We use a computer based software system that utilizes internet links and has an internal communication messaging system. The software, Switched on Schoolhouse (SOS), has an internal monitoring system that filters the internet access and relays only educational sites to the curriculum. We have a home based server system that runs five laptops and two desktops.

This system currently has many social sites blocked due to the nature and content found on these sites. Competencies: The HRM and HRD professionals will need the technology skills to setup and monitor an internal networking system for their companies. In addition to this they will need: ?Policies and procedures to address social learning. ?Security issues. ?Company privacy issues. ?Moderator for content. ?Legal compliance issue. ?User support. These competencies are needed to succeed, but are destined to change as the demands of the system change with the company.

Techniques for Overcoming Organizational Challenges: Types of barriers and obstacles within organizations. The organization that I will address is the University Of Kentucky College Of Agriculture, my past employer. This organization had many barriers they included: out of date technology; inadequate equipment training; financial barriers; and refusal to adapt from older workers. 3 SOCIAL LEARNING The organization had technology that was about 8 + years old and the system was not set up for the changes that were evolving through the internet and social media learning.

To compound this problem the staff had not been trained to adapt to changes in the system or the procedures that were being implemented. Financially the budget could not handle a major system overhaul or an installation of a new enterprise software program. To implement a controlled social intranet into the existing system was not a good financial move for the organization during my tenure there as an employee. The small changes that were made to the system to allow more freedom on the social training side were met with resistance for older employees. They felt intimidated and the issue of threatened job security was brought up by many of them.

Eventually these barriers were met head on, and the employees did not have room to negotiate, they had to accept and adapt to the changes to bring the organization into the realm of the 21st century’s technology. Social Learning Technologies Self-Assessment: The three top things that I need to focus on for my future career development after graduation re: ?Shared audio and video media (e. g, podcasts, videocasts) – This is needed to stay current in training and to be able to communicate with future employers.

?Shared workspaces (e. g, Google docs, Microsoft SharePoint) – These skills will be needed when entering in a management position. The ability to administer and control a shared workspace environment will be needed. ?Work collaboration tools (e. g, wikis) – This area provides a way to learn and expand knowledge through technology. One-Page Action Plan: The action plan listed in the appendix will be used to create a working knowledge base.

This knowledge base will be used in the field that I choose to maintain a career in. The content 4 SOCIAL LEARNING that I learn from IWU will be the start of this knowledge base and will be built on as I develop additional social media learning skills. This plan will be used to assist me in the management job that I am appointed to, by giving me an insight into my employee’s actions to the technology available to them. I will utilize free webinars and online training sessions first and as I gain skills. I will advance to the paid classes for the certifications that will be needed for my career field. As I gain skills I will pass the knowledge on to my employees so that they also can develop their skillset. Conclusion Social learning is a topic that companies must address.

Employees are bringing technology such as: smartphones, notebooks, and I pads to work with them and they are accessing social media on company time. This theft of time needs to be redirected to focus on company business and needs. Companies that do not adapt and tap into this resource will be left behind, just as the companies who thought Blu-Ray technology would not survive DVD’s. The digital world of technology is on the move and changing again.

There are ways to tap this resource and turn it into a profitable situation if a company chooses to do so. Those that ignore social media learning may find themselves losing ground to competitors that evolve with the technology. 5 SOCIAL LEARNING References Allen, M. , Naughton, J. , & Ellis, R. (2011). Social Learning. T+D, 65(8), 50-55. Dessler, G. (2013). Human Resource Management. (13th ed. ). New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. Federman, E. (2013). Recouping $650 Billion in Workplace Social Media Cost. Huffington Post. Retrieved from: http://www. huffingtonpost. com/eliyahu-federman/social-media- addiction_b_2480109. html.

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