Social Inequality as a social issue

Social Inequality has been an issue that has been debated for several years now and is still a huge problem for the poor and rich. Certain books discuss about both financial and economic problems that society have to face throughout their lives but yet they haven’t discussed any solutions regarding the topic. The main topic in the next three stories is about Social Inequality. “Serving in Florida” by Barbara Ehrenreich, she disguises herself to experience as it how is to live under minimum wage.

“From America’s New Working Class” by Kathleen R. Arnold, she describes how welfare is not helping out people as much as it used to before. Lastly, “Generations R: The Changing Fortunes of America’s Youth” by Don Peck, he discusses how it’s very difficult to be able to graduate during the economics fall and how hard it is to be able to find a job if you have no type of work experience but do have your diploma.

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Social Inequality is not only good for the rich, but it does affect everyone one way or another. Some possible solutions are for everybody to have the same benefits, having more secure areas so woman can feel more secure while on their way to work, and for more opportunities to come up for students so they can at least start off somewhere job wise.

Now a days, living under minimum wage is not a very helpful idea. Barbara Ehrenreich discusses how living under minimum wage can be suffering.

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Also having to work in jobs that don’t pay as much. In the story “Serving in Florida”, Ehrenreich states, “I’am not tired at all, I assure myself though it be that there is simply no more “I” left to do the tiredness monitoring”(Ehrenreich 277). Ehrenreich is stating how people actually feel in their everyday lives while working. In order for people to be able to live equally in America, minimum wage has to increase benefits for the middle and low classes. Everybody should get all the same type of benefits since we all live in America. After Ehrenreich disguising herself to live under the minimum wage, she realizes that it was difficult to live under that circumstance than she had ever imagined.

When someone is not financially stable, they are able to receive help from welfare to help maintain themselves or families. There’s not really a time where someone or a family gets to improve in their life or have a better paying job by having support from welfare. Low paid workers get stuck with a job that nobody wants work. The reason is because they get taken advantage off and don’t get paid well for their hard work. Although many women have gone missing or raped on their way to work, women still manage to get to work because they really need the money to feed their families and have them living under a roof. Some solutions for this problems would like having more secure areas so women can manage to get to work with out having to worry that they’ll either get raped or robbed. For instance, Arnold states, “Most American’s would probably agree that the purpose of federal welfare programs is to provide economic assistance such as food stamps to people who need it, who can’t quite make ends meet. Such a view regards welfare as an essentially humanitarian endeavor”(Arnold 342). Arnold is stating how welfare should really help people out who are in need. Also people with low income should be the ones to get help by the welfare even more since they’re struggling financially and stop helping the ones that just take advantage because they’re lazy and don’t want to work.

After graduating from high school, many people think that they immediately have to go to college and are in a hurry to graduate. But they don’t know the real truth after graduating from college. Peck mentions the unexpected truth after college in his story. Also about how many of the graduates after high school are looking for jobs but won’t get hired. Due to the fact that they have no working experience. Peck argues the problems graduates go through, which in their case they don’t deserve to go through because they literally have dedicated their life going to school. It’s very unfair for the students that experience that feeling because they believe that they just wasted their time being in school. Students with their diplomas should be able to get a job and not go through the feeling that they wasted their time going to school half of their lives. More opportunities should come up for them and should be allowed to at least start off somewhere so they can work. For example, Peck states, “If you experience long-term unemployment, you may be at increased risk of depression, substance abuse, and even early death”(Peck 299). Peck is stating the fact that if your unemployed for a several period of time, it can affect you both physically and emotionally. For example, you can go into depression which can lead you to death since you’re just stuck at home with nothing to do. By not having a job, it can also affect you financially and without a job you won’t be able to maintain yourselves and your families too.

In conclusion, Social Inequality means the existence of unequal opportunities and rewards for different social positions or statuses within a group or society. Some possible solutions are for everybody to have the same benefits, having more secure areas so woman can feel more secure while on their way to work, and for more opportunities to come up for students so they can at least start off somewhere job wise. By overcoming these possible solutions, Social Inequality should be able to stop being unfair to people. America should become a better place if Social Inequality improves.

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