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Social grade Essay

Essay Topic:

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After analysing my market research, I have concluded that the social grade of the local area is (B) Lower Management, and the average pay is between  25000 and 35000. The majority of the people do shop locally, the main reason being that the local shops cater for their needs. This shows that there would be a place for me in this local area because there aren’t any specialised Internet cafes, aimed at social group B. The majority of people surveyed fit into this group, so it makes sense to primarily aim for them, and then the skilled non-manual workers.

Planning restrictions

Planning restrictions are used to restrict where a business can build or start up. If the government rejects then it would be against the law for the company to build there. Planning restrictions help to protect beautiful nature from being destroyed. They also stop factories from opening near homes. Planning restrictions also help bring businesses into areas where there is high unemployment.

From research into local planning restrictions, I have found out that I must get permission for any ballads placed by me near my shop, shutters, extra building at the rear of shop and any structural work.

I do not need to worry about the replacement of doors and windows, as my business is a non-listed building. Social effects of my shop Social costs are the costs that the rest of the area must pay because of where a business or factory is situated. There can also be social benefits which means what is gained by the local area from placing a business there. The social costs as a result of where I place my business are increase in litter and my result in local competition closing down. The social benefits from placing my business are that people shop locally, creates one or two extra jobs and helps the local economy.

Evaluation The place that I have chosen has more advantages than disadvantages. This is because my shop will be right next to a main road which will allow people to see any promotions, and they will be drawn to the area by a Sainsbury’s Local. There is also a bus stop a few metres away from my shop which will make it easy to get to my shop. Another major advantage is that there is a bank nearby that has a cash point meaning it is easy to withdraw cash. There is also a college very near to my internet so there is a good chance students will come and chat with friends etc.

However, the disadvantage is that there are likely to be computers in the college so it would be more likely they would use it rather than paying for the use of a computer and internet. There are some disadvantages; primarily, there is no dedicated car park, and there are parking restrictions. The main parking restrictions are that there is no parking on certain points between 6pm and 8pm Monday-Friday. The planning restrictions in the local area are not very strict so this will help if I want to make changes to my, business.

There are more benefits than costs, the only ones being litter and closing of competition. The major benefit of me placing my shop in the chosen area is that there would be a good chance of more people coming into the local area that would help other local shops. How will I set the price? The price must be right, as people will have to buy large numbers to make profit. The price you charge depends on what you are trying to do. I am selling pastries, tea, coffee etc as well as providing an internet service so I will have a low prices in order to attract a lot of customers and to see if my business will succeed.

It is different for me as I don’t sell things (apart from pastries, coffee, tea etc) to make a profit; I provide a computer service as my main way of making a profit. My price My price will be as low as possible, so that I can attract the largest amount of customers. I will also have some goods such as pastries, coffee; tea etc at is at high prices because they are unique. I am aiming at social group B. How to price? This is very important, as I must decide how to price the use of the Internet and how to price the food and drinks. Hour based pricing will be the most suitable way to charge the use of the computer and the Internet.

The food and drinks will be charged at high price seeing that the social grade of this local area is group B and most of the local area earn i?? 25000+ so they will be more likely to spend more money. From my first plan, I know my place, my pricing structure and what group I am targeting. After evaluating my first action plan, I have found that I need to cover areas that I missed in my previous plan. . I will be selling food and drink, so each and every product must have a good strong brand that makes it recognisable to people. A very strong brand is Coke a Cola brand,

As the colours, shape of cans, and lettering tell the buyer what the product is. The characteristics of the brand come from the products physical features of the product. This means the taste and the shape of the product. The manufacturer through adverts and packaging creates these. What is the aim of advertising? The aims of advertising are to inform people about the Internet cafi?? , create an image, increase sales, compete with other shops and introduce new products into the market. The aims of my advertising will be to increase sales, compete with other shops and to create an image.

Informative advertising Currently, the biggest spender on this form of advertising is the government. This advertising is used to pass on information to the public. The passing on of this information is very important in any advert. Persuasive advertising Their adverts try to persuade the viewer that their products are much better then the competition. Their goal is to attract people to buy their products. There are different types of pervasive advertising. They could be adverts that show a famous person using the product or adverts that compare one product with another.

Public relations Public relations are the department that tries to promote the company and shows the good side of the company to the public. Advertising agencies Advertising is a very expensive business; to make sure that the money is well spent they will hire a company to do it right. For an advertising campaign to be successful it must reach the right audience, be attractive and appealing and make the money that the audience cost back in sales. Control over advertising In an advert you can’t just put anything in it, there are certain rules.

There is a code of practice inside the advertising industry that you must obey. The trade description act, which means that the advert must mean what it, says. I plan to use informative advertising, as I want to inform people of the benefits of buying from my shop. What types of media are there for advertising? There are many different types of advertising, each has advantages, and disadvantages: Television This is a very powerful media to use to get your message across. The advert that is produced will be seen by millions. The time at which your advert is shown effects who see it.

If your product is for children then you would show your advert during children’s programmes. You must also take into account the number of people watching, as this will effect the cost. To produce an advert you must take into consideration how many adverts can you afford, as there would be no point in only being able to run your advert once and when will it be shown and is the advert its self correct? The advantages are that television reaches a large audience throughout the country and the adverts can make the product look much better than in print.

The disadvantages are that it is extremely expensive. Radio This method of advertising is very similar as television adverting, but it is cheaper and sound is used instead of visual images. In a radio advert a theme tune is used. The disadvantages are that people may switch station when the advert comes on, if there is poor reception then the listener may miss the advert. The advantages are cheaper than television, large audiences can be reached, this type of advertising is very good for local shops and the advert can be repeated many times.

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