Social Factors in Kenya & Uk Essay

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Social Factors in Kenya & Uk

12.2 million Families consisted of a married couple with or without children.The population in the UK is much more laid back in terms of going to a job e.g. staying off due to a hangover.

A Percentage of the population don’t appreciate their job as much as expected and don’t work to survive but for luxuries. KenyaMorning prayers in public schools are said in areas of the country that are largely Christian. All children participate in the assembly, but are not punished if they remain silent during prayers.

The government generally has permitted several missionary groups to assist the poor and to operate schools and hospitals. The missionaries openly promote their religious beliefs and have encountered little resistance.

Three million people, one tenth of Kenya’s population live in cities. Most are in unrecognised informal settlements or cheap, basic rentals.

Social conditions are poor, service and non-existent

Many families are caught between the traditional family system that advocates for solidarity and modern system.In general, Kenyans have a more relaxed approach towards time and live at a slower pace.

It is not unusual to wait half an hour for someone to arrive for an appointment and this is seen as Perfectly acceptable.

Kenyans do not tend to schedule a precise end to meetings. What matters is not adhering to a schedule but ensuring that everybody involved is satisfied with the outcome.

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