Social Development Theory Essay

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Social Development Theory

As a parent, I would agree more with Vygotsky’s theory concerning child development rather than Paiget’s. Though children do progress at different rates, I believe that they are capable of more learning at an early age than Piaget’s theory allows. Piaget also states that learning should supersede social development in all cases while Vygotsky’s theory allows for social development to be as important and in some cases more important than intellectual learning.

While a child may be extremely intelligent, it will be difficult for them to function in society without having a strong foundation socially. Much of our society is based on social interactions and how well we as people handle ourselves in certain situations. A child who is not properly socialized will have a very difficult time knowing how to deal with their peers in a social situation. To ensure that my child has a very balanced background both intellectually and socially, I would first make sure that they attend school in a traditional setting, whether in a public or private school.

Children need to learn, but they also need the company of other children and to be able to consult their peers concerning a shared experience. It is important for children to share in social activities as well as to be able to experience different things from each other and with other children. Another exercise would be to encourage my child to participate in a cultural activity such as dance classes, martial arts, or playing an instrument where they can receive personalized and community education, as well as team activity, such as a local sport.

This would give the child a shared experience as well as a productive outlet to channel their energies and a positive adult role model outside of the family unit. Children should be socialized not only with other children but also with adults in a structured, formal setting that allows them to have a positive relationship with both adults and children socially. Works Cited Santrock, J. W. (2007). A Topical Approach to Lifespan Development, 3rd Edition. Dallas: McGraw-Hill.

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