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Social development Essay

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Most adults reach their full height late teens or early twenties, their peak strength in their mid-twenties and their maximum weight in their middle years. Hearing and vision are at their peak around the age of 20, as is reproductive capacity for women. Most adults are highly active between the ages of 16 and 30. Older adults tend to lose some strength and speed with age, even though these changes are often overlooked outside reasonable sport; and older adult could easily accomplish an individual peak of fitness at 40 or 50 if they take up life.

During their forties most have the needs to wear glasses, some cannot hear high-pitched noise clearly and they show thinning of hair/loss which is familiar to men. They risk of having miscarriages and pregnancy difficulties as get older; they stop to conceive at the ages of 45-55 because of menopause. There are three ways that death occurs generally. The first way is the agonal phase. During this phase, gasps and muscle spasms happen when the body can no longer sustain life. The second phase is clinical death.

This is when a short interval follows in which heartbeat, circulation, breathing, and the brain functions all stop; recovery is still available at this stage. In the third stage of death, mortality, the person actually passes into permanent death. Soon afterward, this dead person becomes shriveled looking, and has thus undergone all of the physical development a person goes through in a lifetime. Physical development is the only type of development that one can actually witness. Ever person generally goes through some form of the same development through each age group.

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The human body is very unique and all of these changes that we experience are what makes us so interesting. Intellectual development The stages of intellectual development appear to be related to major developments in brain growth. The human brain is not fully developed until late adolescence or in the case of males sometimes early adulthood. We often expect children to think like adults when they are not yet capable of doing so. It is important that parents know what to expect from their child as they develop and to be sure that the expectations they may have for their child at a given age are realistic.

The goal of this stage of emotional development is the development of trust. (Erik Erikson). An infant needs to know that the world is a safe and predictable place where their needs are met promptly and consistently. Trust grows through everyday interactions such as the routines around feeding, being comforted when distressed, and being presence to the infant’s cries. Trust is important because it helps us to be successful in society. The development of positive expectations about the future develops in infancy. Self esteem, Optimism & Attachment.

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