Social Changes Essay

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Social Changes

The biggest social changes are Urbanization, Americanization, New beliefs, acceptances, behaviors, and mass production. These ideas changed the way society thinks, acts, and relate to one another. The changes in society called Urbanization means that the people who normally lives spreading out through the country now move to live in the city more to find a job. They stop doing agriculture because it is long and difficult task and turn to work in the industry in the city. That causes problems such as there is not enough food produced, the price of products changed, and empty land. Another idea that has effect the society is that the people started to bring in more of Americanization. Americanization pushes American product to the American people and even international market. Products like Coke and Pepsi started to be more worldwide and people accepted that. McDonald and KFC start to enter almost every country market.

Not just this, there are a lot of things in daily life and some social issue that were changed. Some basic principles that were considered the normal activity now is changing. From people who were not allow to be together before marriage now People don’t really get married anymore, they just live together. Even the normal marriage between male and female now changed to same sex marriage. People now a day are also dressing differently from the past. The materials, the style, the design of clothing are totally different. The entertainment and media changed a lot in both good way and bad way. The way people view violent and nudity seems to be much more in media.

It seems that the society accepts and is open more toward being free. How they make stuff also changed. In the past people make stuff by hands and not so much in an amount of time. Now they have mass production which makes a lot of stuff in one time. Things that were changed are food, clothes, jobs, and music, and industry. Other than daily stuff, women and children issues were changed overtime. In the past, women were not welcome in the same work place as men. Coal mine, factory, and garage was men only place.

Now, women in the workforce can work equally with men, have higher pay and they are being able to work after they have kids. In the past, women that have kids were not allowed to work anymore. The way society change in food and amount of food we make takes effect with children also. The children now a day hits puberty faster than before because of the chemical in the food these days. The last thing is that there were new issues in the society. Such as Youth Gang, Pollution, Heart health, Decrease middle class, Drug Abuse, and Alcoholism. These changes take effect at different rate but one thing is for sure, it relates to society as a whole.

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