Social Behavior Generates Nonverbal and Lingual Communication Issues

This article will embody how society (as a whole) can change ones’ behavior. It will list several aspects on how societal speculation can cause gestural and linguists communication issues. A section will define theory and key types. Whether you’re aware of it or not, when you connect with others, you’re continuously giving and receiving incoherent signals. The theory that will be discussed is symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionism it is the view of social behavior that points out the linguists and gestural communication; this is an attribute that we all convey.

Body language is the use of physical demeanor to communicate nonverbally.

Keywords Body Language, Nonverbal, Social Behavior, Communication

The science of certain theories reflects a combination of approaches, methods, and strategies from social and health sciences. The perspectives from social and behavioral sciences are categorized into theories. A theory is a set of syndetic approaches, definitions, and propositions that explains events or situations by indicating the relationship with fluctuation.

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Theories help explain behavior, as well as recommend how to develop more operative ways to influence and change behavior. The linguistic communication brings developments in pragmatics and rhetorical theory. Some research proves developmental disability is accepted as a valued part of human linguistic differences. Communication may include speech, sign language, writing, letter boards, voice output devices, pictures, facial expressions, gestures, and vocalizations. Social conduct is the behavior among two or more individuals. Some people show a lot of negative body language, such as folding arms, facial expressions, body turned away from peer, and little to no eye contact.

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 Observance of others body language can be used to one’s advantage; such adjusting self-body language so that it appears more positive, engaging and approachable.

Take social media for an example, people dissemble their lives on there all the time. There pictures and body language could be totally different from the way they talk, and how they physically carry themselves. Some individuals are obsessed with social media schemes. Social media can trigger all types of behaviors, one example is loneliness. Researchers observed several undergrad students, studies show that there is a contingent between time spent on social media applications and declining in well-being. Although the study was not accurate, researchers also studied the effects of social media users, mental state over the years, but found no connection at that time. Social behavior can affect not only the gestures, and language, but also an individual’s mood. Further research has been done on, how social media is too vigorously available to students. Technology has advanced so much that students use a lot of different social networks to complete assignments, but constant use of all social networks can have some disadvantages. An advantage to using certain networks is that it ultimately helps with access to education. Additionally, with the increased use of technological tools in education, professionals may think that it’s an interesting choice for students.


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