Social and emotional develop Essay

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Social and emotional develop

To support social and emotional develop and to provide positive guidance As an early Childhood Teacher I promote social-emotional development in my classroom by embedding my teaching practices throughout the day. Remaining sensitive to children’s needs helps them feel secure and confident, and acts as a model for effective social behavior. For example, I usually ask questions to help children find a solution to a social conflict that helps them develop problem-solving skills. I also tend to every day read a story and engage children in a conversation about a socially challenging situation witch serve as a lesson in handling social problems as well as in literacy.

Self – I greet each child and their parents daily. I provide plenty of praise and encouragement to the children about their activities and accomplishments. This action lets the children know that they are loved, appreciated and special. I help children feel good about them selves and build high self-esteem. I use games, books, songs, finger plays, etc. to help the children learn to accept themselves and others. I provide materials and activities that are age-appropriate so that each child can experience success. I also spend time with the children individually and I make sure they get plenty of hugs and affection throughout the day.

Social – I teach the children how to socialize with each other daily. I provide activities and space for the children to play together. We discuss sharing, taking turns and working together in small/ large groups. I interact with the children one-on-one daily and encourage them to interact with each other. I also use games, books, video tapes, songs, pictures, etc. to teach the children about positive social skills.

Guidance – I try to anticipate negative behavior and redirect it positively into other activities. I provide plenty of materials and space to help eliminate conflicts. I talk to the children whenever they exhibit inappropriate behavior and let them know that we should be kind to our friends. Only positive guidance techniques are used with the children in my care.

CS III a – I help children learn to do simple tasks for themselves. Each child has a personal space to keep its belongings. We play games that highlight each child’s name and do self-portraits. I also play “mirror” games and provide cultural books and materials to help the children learn to appreciate themselves and others.

CS III b – I believe that children’s behavior needs to be understood and guided in a positive manner. I do this by example. I tell the children what I expect of them and use positive words to guide their behavior. As a child, discipline methods were just the opposite of what I practice in my classroom. There was no such thing as guidance techniques. Today, I am knowledgeable of child development, and I practice appropriate guidance techniques daily. My children are valued and accepted for who they are. I also use redirection, active listening, proximity control, simple rules with positive consequences and valuing/praising appropriate behaviors to work with all children, including the difficult/challenging child.


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