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Soap, lip balm and window analysis Essay

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The other element is hydrogen. Method In our experiments, we had to measure out the 2gram soap base, then add the amount of the ingredient (walnut, olive, coconut oil or shea and cocoa butter) we the needed a beaker and fill it up with water. We then put the beaker on the white mat and the tripod and the Bunsen burner (with gloves and glasses) and a blue fire. Put the tube which has the soap base and the ingredient into the beaker to boil for a few minutes.

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We then put it out into a cup case and leave to dry.

When it has finished we test its viscosity, the runniness, and the moisturising factor. RESULTS Adding Ingredient Amount of Ingredient (g) Amount of Balm base (g) Moisturising factor Viscosity Walnut oil 5g 2g 7 4 Olive oil 4g 2g 3 8 Coconut oil 4. 5g 2g 7 2 Shea butter 1. 5g 2g 10 5 Cocoa butter 2g 2g 8 10 Graph I will be using a bar graph instead of a line graph for this experiment because I am testing it continuously so the data is continuous. Conclusion I think that this graph shows that the best lip balm was shea butter because it was perfect in viscosity and 10/10 in moisturizing.

The worst one would be olive oil because its too runny and the moisturising doesn’t do very well on the hands. Evaluation Throughout this project, I have enjoyed it thoroughly because it was very informative and fun. I learnt how to cope in different situations and I learnt how to set out my investigations. I think that it could have been better if I had learnt more about lip balm and if I learnt more about graph. In my situation, I think I could have made my work neater and be very mature about the investigation. Window Cleaner Investigation Introduction

Window cleaners are known to take grease off, shine the windows from any fingerprints, dirt, pigeon poo or even pollution fumes. I think that the cleaner has a special formula which kills bacteria and grease then a shining detergent inside. There are many known cleaning products- dettol, domestos, toilet duck, Mr Muscle, oust, flash and bleach. This list is infinite; each and every one of those products have two targets- kill dirt, leave shine! Method Firstly, we would have to get the fixed amount of our group which was 6- vinegar 50, soap 20, water, 200 (ml for all).

The independent variable is the ratio of vinegar, soap and water. The dependant variable is how clean the window was after I used the product. Next, we got a beaker, a measuring cylinder, a spoon, vinegar and soap. We firstly measured the amount of vinegar in the cylinder then poured it into a beaker. Then, we measured the water and the soap in separate cylinders and poured all of it in the beaker and mixed with spoon. We would keep mixing until we thought all the substances have bonded. Additionally, we got a spray container which would make it more exciting, and poured the substance into it.

We got our area of the window done with the paper we cut out which made it a fair test because we all had the same surface area. The downside is that all the areas were not the same amount of dirt or grease on the windows. At the end of all the experiments we had to choose one of the following options: (tick one) 1. Is the glass gleaming and streak free? 2. Is the glass clean but has some streaks? 3. Is the glass dirt free, but not grease free? 4. Is the glass dirty and greasy? Results Group No. Vinegar (ml) Soap (ml)

Water (ml) Rating from 1- I think that my results are not reliable because there is no pattern- group one got the best rating and group 9 got the best rating too so I cant really deduce what the results could’ve been and how well they did. Graph Conlusion Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one? Search for

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