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"So Much to tell you" by John Marsden

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (325 words)
Categories: Friendship,Interpersonal relationship,Mars,Psychology,Relationship,Social science,Society,Sociology
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“So Much to tell you” by John Marsden teaches us many lessons. Some of these lessons include Marinas traumatic effects of her injury, importance of friendship and socializing with others .

Some of the lessons included in this book are the traumatic effects of injury. This lesson could apply to Marina not talking. A quote which demonstrates this is ‘sent here [to Warrington] because [her] mother can’t stand [her] silent presence at home (pg.11).

This quote demonstrates that she literally does not speak to anyone.

Even with her own parents. Her mother can’t stand her silence at home and doesn’t like having a child wich does not speak. Another lesson this book teaches us is friendship and its importance.

Another lesson “So much to tell you” teaches us is friendship and its importance. This lesson can apply to Marina and the Lindell family. A quote which demonstrates this is “they’re such a kind and loving family” (p.26). This quote demonstrates that the lindells friendship to there quests by being loving and very kind.

Another lesson this book teachers us is the importance of socializing with others.

Other lessons “So much to tell you” shows us shows us is the importance of socializing with others. An example of this is marina socializing with her best friend Cathy. A quote that demonstrates this is “[Marina] gave Cathy a card and present from [her] own hand” (pg.82). This quote demonstrates that Marina is slowly improving by socializing with others. Marina is a really shy person but because she has a good friend who talks to her and does really good things for her all the time, Marina has the courage to give a card and a present to Cathy with her own hands.

To conclude, the book “So much to tell you” by John Marsden teachers us many lessons and moral standards. These lessons include the traumatic effects of injury, friendship and its importance and socializing with others.

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