Snow reflects Essay

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Snow reflects

Abstract things are difficult to imagine. Feelings and emotions are a few abstract things which are capable of being expressed into words and be understood. Anne Beate relates the emotions of the characters by way of concrete objects, such as snow. The story of Snow reflects the amazement the characters feel in being together and spending their time with each other. The colors used in the story are descriptive of happy memories. The mood of the story is positive emphasized by the author through colors white, purple and yellow.

These colors definitely reflect cheerful mood among the characters. It describes a good aura in the setting of the story. The story is replete with intense feeling of being together. The closeness and longing for each other of the two main characters in the story is characterized by the fruit grape, as used by the author. This is coupled with the background of vines as part of nature. These concrete objects reflect the emotions of the character. Also, the story is moving.

The author describes the places in simple and brief descriptions. The story started with the kitchen where wall papers over wall papers are discovered. The author also introduced also the fireplace, a place for relaxation, a place to be in when there is snow. Lastly, the author uses snow to describe beautiful emotions of people being together, who, instead of just staying in bed, is an alternative time for them to go out, hang around with friends and play.

The snow is characteristic of purity of all intentions and beautiful feelings summed up together to make up a beautiful story. Emotions, although difficult to express especially when we run out of words, are easily explained with the use of concrete objects, as the author does in this story. The combination of all the concrete objects reflects a positive mood of the characters and the story in itself.

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