Sms Parking Network Architecture Computer Science Essay

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Mauritius is a little island with limited resources. It has an progressively turning population rate as a consequence of rise in quality of service provided and high criterion of life. This is seting utmost force per unit area on its limited resources.

The addition in the figure of vehicles used in the island has forced Mauritanian authorities to construct new roads and main roads in order to ease the congestion. But with the limited sum of land available and the ever-growing figure of vehicles have resulted in traffic jam, accidents and parking jobs.

It has become really hard for jurisprudence officers to command the increasing flow of autos in and out of urban countries.

In order to get by with the above stated jobs and assist municipal councils and constabularies officers to modulate the traffic in towns and program a better parking construction, a survey of SMS Parking System ( SPS ) has been made. SMS Parking System has been a great success in many large metropoliss worldwide such as in Muscat, London, Zagreb and Belgrade.

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SPS has led to many advantages like low administrative costs, few people needed on site, a decrease in the municipal council cost, immediate income coverage, among many others.

The SPS will ease the use of parking countries in the metropoliss of Mauritius and will assist people cognize where and which parking is available. Peoples will non hold to travel to purchase parking tickets. Peoples who will non be registered besides can utilize the SPS to park their vehicles and after the confirmed message received in the user 's nomadic phone, the sum charged is instantly deducted from his prepaid history.

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The increasing figure of private vehicles all over the universe has made it really hard for people presents to seek for a suited topographic point to park their vehicles. To come up with a solution to this job, intensive research is being carried out in many developed states in order to do maximal use of Advanced Car Park systems. Because this would assist people to acquire information beforehand about empty auto park infinites before they reach the location physically. Furthermore, these states are look intoing besides about a proper manner to ease the payment manner to the auto park installations.

Today 's challenge is to offer a parking payment solution to drivers which provides them with peace of head that they will non have heavy mulcts, and that they do non necessitate to seek for little alteration or voucher parking each clip they park.

Municipalities and parking governments besides need better and more flexible solutions which offer elaborate coverage installations and which are non prone to hooliganism and everyday malfunctioning. They besides require a better agencies of measuring whether a auto is in misdemeanor of the parking limitation or non.

Today nomadic phones have reached such a broad incursion of the universe 's population that for most people, it is the lone point that they will non go forth the house without. Banks, retail shops, advertizers, and big corporate organisations are taking advantage of this fact and turning to mobile selling and nomadic fining solutions.

This undertaking aims to suggest a parking system based on nomadic phones in order to do the optimum use of parking installations in a dumbly populated country of Mauritius called Port-Louis. During weekdays, Port-Louis is crowded with inflow of vehicles from all over the island. Peoples waste a batch of clip and fuel in seeking for auto park. As a consequence, they come to work tardily and during tea interruptions they have to travel to make full for voucher parking. Furthermore, inappropriate auto park may ensue in traffic jam and accidents. At present, there is no SMS based system in usage for parking. Traditional methods such as parking vouchers are being used for the auto park.

In order to suggest the SMS based parking system, a survey was made for different auto park scenarios in many different states worldwide. Before traveling deeper into design specifications, it is of import to understand and go familiar with the undermentioned proficient footings:

what SMS is,

how it works, and

a brief about SMS parking.

What SMS stands for?

Short Message ServiceA ( SMS ) is a communicating service that allows the interchange of short text messages between nomadic telephone devices. SMS is besides frequently referred to as texting, directing text messages or text messaging. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone. Including infinites, text messages traditionally ca n't transcend 160 characters. A SMS messages frequently useA T9 Predictive Technology. T9 makes text messaging faster and more efficient on non-Qwerty cell phones withoutA full keyboards.A A

SMS text messaging is the most widely used informations application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74 % of all nomadic phone endorsers directing and having text messages on their phones. The SMS engineering has facilitated the development and growing ofA text messaging. The connexion between the phenomenon of text messaging and the implicit in engineering is so great that in parts of the universe the term `` SMS '' is used as a equivalent word for a text message or the act of directing a text message, even when a different protocol is being used.

How the SMS really works?

TheA Short Message Service is a standardised service in theA GSM Mobile communicating system which allows messages to be broadcast to all nomadic users in a specified geographical country. Messages are sent to aA Short Message Service Centre ( SMSC ) which provides aA store-and-forwardA mechanism. It attempts to direct messages to their receivers. If a receiver is non approachable, the SMSC queues the message for ulterior retry. Users may bespeak bringing studies to corroborate that messages reach the intended receivers.

To better understand how the SMS travels from the nomadic phone to the SMSC Figure 1.1 and Figure 1.2 was made. On this figure you can see which protocols are used and which GSM web entities take topographic point in the communicating procedure. As shown, the nomadic phone ( Mobile station ) transmits the SMS message to the GSM base station ( BTS ) through a wireless nexus. Then the message goes though the anchor web of the service supplier. The Mobile Switching Center ( MSC ) , A the Home Location Register ( HLR ) and optionally the Visitor Location Register ( VLR ) is used to happen out the appropriate ShortA Message Service Center ( SMSC ) that will hive away and send on the message when the having party becomes available.

Figure 1.1 shows architecture of SMS

Figure 1.2 shows block diagram of architecture of SMS

What Parking SMS is?

SMS parking is a platform which allows people to pay the parking via SMS. User has to direct a Samarium from his Mobile phone to a certain figure. After confirmation, the user receives a verification message about the parking information. A presentment message is sent to the user merely before the termination of the parking clip.

Literature Review

A research was conducted in order to see what other states are making to work out this job. We will concentrate more on the different methods that they are following and so we will take the 1 that will most suit Mauritius. Furthermore, it can be noticed that whatever method a state may follow will depend how easy it can convey parking information to its people. Furthermore, nomadic engineering is the most recognized engineering presents.


In the article of Lauren Smith and Hans Roth, it has been noted that drivers frequently congest the traffic flow while seeking for parking infinites in extremely heavy countries. This consequences in clip and fuel cachexia. In order to relieve the job, Intelligent parking systems is used to steer people from congested countries to nearest empty parking infinites. This system provides besides information about the place and figure of infinites available within a parking construction.

The PGS system gives information to drivers about vacant parking infinites by utilizing message marks. For illustration, if parking country is full, the message mark will expose `` FULL '' on the chief board. This will forestall drivers from come ining the country. If there are vacant parking infinites so the figure of parking available is displayed on the chief board. The image below shows the figure of available parking infinites.

The figure of parking infinites that is available in each installation is fetched from detectors that calculate the figure of autos come ining and go forthing the parking infinites. This information is sent to the chief waiter that processes it, finding the locations of available parking.

The PGS is besides used to steer auto drivers to the nearest parking country by exposing the mark `` Parking '' and its way. For illustration, the image below shows a parking mark with its way.

This system of auto park has been used in many large states like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and so on. One thing can be noted about this system being implemented in each of these states. They have used the same construct but they have implemented it otherwise. This can be shown as follows:

The PGS was designed in St Paul, US to better traffic and ease the hunt of parking in business district. A cardinal computing machine system obtains information from 10 different parking installations, processes it and sends it to LED-based Variable Message Signs ( VMS ) . A VMS is a big 4-digit LED show housed in an out-of-door enclosure that clearly shows the handiness of auto parking infinites.

In Pittsburgh which is besides found in US, has a PGS that consists of a series of coupled marks that usher drivers non merely to parking installations but besides to particular attractive forces in the country.

In Europe, e-parking is used as a parking direction system that relies upon nomadic phone engineering. It enables drivers to obtain early information on available parking infinites so that they can reserve musca volitanss at coveted times.

The comfortss of e-parking are achieved through parking infinite optimisation service ( PSOS ) . The PSOS can:

look into the figure of empty parking infinites in a certain country or at a certain clip of a twenty-four hours ;

reserve a parking infinite in an country on a certain clip or twenty-four hours ;

aid drivers find parking infinites through PGS systems ; and

interact with other systems to book parking infinites ( i.e. near a film )

In UK, the Bristol system guides drivers to available parking infinites inside a three multistory parking installations, with a combined sum of 2,645 infinites. Detectors are used to observe empty infinites. This information is transmitted to a chief waiter which shows the figure of available infinites on each floor through VMS. This is used to steer the drivers to empty parking slots. In this manner, the system package has the ability to treat the information that is received so that it can calculate when a peculiar installation will be full and consequently divert drivers to other installations.

Japan holding a population denseness of 340,000 makes the usage of Advanced Parking Information Systems. This is used in order to do optimum use of parking installations. Information is conveyed in the undermentioned ways in this metropolis: A

Information about traffic congestion, route inaccessibility and parking installations is given over phone.A

VMS is used to steer drivers to the parking facilities.A

Other message marks show drivers manner to a named parking facility.A

Message marks at entryway of parking installations.

Information on congestion and parking handiness can be obtained besides from replying machines ( phones ) and via the Internet. In this manner, utile and cherished information can be rapidly and easy be transmitted to the drivers.

In the above scenarios, it is mentioned about either reserving or steering drivers to parking infinites. But if the parking infinite is excessively large, so drivers might lose their manner and this can do congestion within parking installations excessively. In order to avoid this job, VMS is used besides indoors parking installations to steer drivers to the nearest empty parking infinites. Detectors are used in each parking infinite to find whether it is occupied. Then this information is sent to the VMS via the cardinal computing machine. In this manner, the parking installation remains uncongested.

In Baltimore/Washington Airport, the `` BWI Smart Park '' system is a programmed parking counsel system that is a user friendly system and quickens the hunt for empty parking slots. Detectors found in each parking infinite control the tenancy position of each slot by updating the lighted electronic `` way-findings '' marks that are found at the terminals of each parking row with three different colourss. Green pointers indicate vacant infinites while ruddy Xs indicate lanes where no infinites are available. Blue visible radiations direct drivers to accessible parking countries.

These advanced auto park systems besides provide advanced, electronic payment options for the clients. The thought behind these electronic payment options is to forestall the clients from holding to wait in long waiting lines to purchase a ticket. `` Queues can do congestion in countries within and outside of parking installations '' are harmonizing to Lauren Smith and Hans Roth article ( Smith and Roth, 2003 ) . Therefore, the PGS provides the undermentioned advantages:

Benefits of PGS

Time and fuel ingestion are saved while drivers will no more hunt for empty parking slots.

Congestion on roads is reduced to a certain extent because fewer drivers will be out for seeking of parking spaces.A

Queues are eliminated at entryway of parking installations as drivers will non travel where the parking country is already filled up.A

This reduces vehicles to be parked illicitly. Fine charged to these drivers as a consequence reduces also.A

The parking country is better distributed among vehicles.

This sort of system additions grosss for parking facilities.A

SMS-based ticket service for Helsinki City Transport

This method of parking found during a two-day test in Helsinki metropolis was based on nomadic engineering. Peoples willing to go on the metropolis 's green ropewaies and tube service have to purchase the tickets through their nomadic phones. During these two yearss, the ticket was particularly priced and was valid for a full twenty-four hours of travel

The people utilizing this engineering did non confront any job to purchase the ticket. It takes merely a twosome of seconds to have the ticket. The web and engineering works together without any enlistments.

Harmonizing to Mr Seppo Vepsalainen, Planning Director of Helsinki City Transport, `` purchasing and acquiring tickets via the Mobile will do public conveyance more accessible to the general populace, particularly the younger commuters and tourer '' .

The above statement shows that people will be encouraged to go through public conveyance. Therefore, this will assist to diminish the demand for private vehicles and this will take in a decrease of traffic jam.

Cuting the hunt clip for Parking infinite

This subdivision talks about the support of an e-parking undertaking by transnational companies. This will do the purchasing of parking infinites through nomadic phones possible. This will besides let drivers to pay beforehand for the available parking infinite. The driver will be given an entree codification shortly after he finishes paying. The entree codification will let the driver to park his vehicle when he enters the parking slot. The proof codification is sent to the database by utilizing Bluetooth engineering. The figure 2.1 below shows how system really works.

Figure 2.1

This undertaking is expected to give long term benefits after its completion. The costs incurred by the parking governments will be reduced as they will hold to use less people to look into for unauthorised parking of vehicles and to sell tickets at the counter. As a consequence, this will hike up the gross of the parking installation enormously. The drivers of the vehicles will besides profit as they will no longer blow their clip for seeking of empty infinites both inside and outside the parking installation. Peoples will non look for little alteration when go forthing the parking infinite as they will be paying electronically.A

Parking Meters

Parking metres refer to coin-operated devices that register the sum of clip purchased for the parking of a motor vehicle, at the termination of which the driver is apt for a all right. Meters are convenient for parking inspectors to look into since the metre shows the postpaid clip staying, or whether it has been expired. However, there are many disadvantages to metres: the driver needs to fix little alteration or hard currency in progress which means that he has to foretell in progress for how long he will be parked. Municipalities have to cover the overhead spending for the substructure of the metres, which fill up with rapidly with coins and demand to be emptied on a regular basis by the parking governments. Parking metres are prone to theft and hooliganism.

Abrasion Card games

These are postpaid parking cards bought from retail merchants with assorted day of the month and clip options which can be scratched away. The card is so displayed in the auto window while parked. Rub cards are believed to be less prone to fraud and hooliganism, but they excessively have many disadvantages. The cards need to be bought in progress and drivers will normally overrate the sum of clip they will be parked so as to avoid from heavy mulcts. Different abrasion cards are needed for each metropolis and are merely available for purchase in the specified metropolis which makes it hard to buy them in progress. There is no possibility for distant extension of parking clip with abrasion cards.

What will you take?

Many states such as London, Oman, Dubai and Czech Republic have run test periods and many have gone to encompass the engineering. When parking the driver merely has to direct as SMS to a given figure and on having a confirmed message, he can park his vehicle. The payment is done through the driver mobile phone.

With nomadic parking solutions, there is no demand for the driver to fix cards or coins in progress. Overpayments are avoided since the drivers do non hold to foretell how long they will be parked. If the nomadic parking makes the usage of prepayment, the driver is able to exceed up the payment if necessary from wherever they are directing by directing another text message and can even be warned in progress when the payment for their parking is about to run out.

Despite the many advantages of parking via Mobile, there are many disadvantages associated with it. First, the driver has to hold a nomadic phone. However, today about all people have at least one nomadic phone with them while going. Mobile phone has become a must in today 's universe.

Furthermore, statistics show that the many of the senior coevals are non familiar with SMS services that are used for parking vehicles via nomadic phone. But the tendency is quickly altering. This job can besides be solved by utilizing IVR system alternatively of texting - where the terminal user calls a figure in order to get down or halt the service.

Finally, there are sometimes holds in SMS that is in times of high burden of the cellular operator, SMS messages are queued, and delay in line at the gateway. Such holds can so ensue in mulcts from enforcement agents. Realistically, these holds are few and far between.

Parking inspectors type the auto 's licence home base figure into a PDA, or type in the auto 's licence home base figure utilizing a secured WAP portal in order to look into parking cogency.

Mobile Phone Parking offers both drivers and parking operators several distinguishable advantages. End users benefit from the convenience of being able to pay for parking from the comfort of their auto with their nomadic phone, and parking governments are non obliged to put either bing or new street-based parking substructure.

In drumhead, the advantages of nomadic parking are as follows:

The system is easy implemented and easy to utilize for all parties involved.

Will ensue in increased grosss for the municipalities or parking governments every bit good as increased nest eggs on parking for drivers.

Reduces municipality costs for substructure.

Simplifies gross aggregation.

Improves describing, monitoring and control.

Reduces fraud.

Customers can direct SMS from anyplace he likes provided there is web connexion.

Renewal of parking clip from any location.

Decrease of put on the lining a parking mulct.

More unafraid parking process.

No more of printing parking licenses.

No ticket loss job.

No demand for line uping on parking issue in order to pay for parking tickets.

Provides drivers with a simple, cost-efficient, flexible parking payment solution.

The engineering that we have chosen is parking through nomadic phone because of the above advantages and its simpleness. It costs lesser than other sophisticated engineering and easy to implement. Mobile phone is user friendly and people can non believe of life without it.

Software Implementation Procedure

Fact Findingss

A study of the location Port-Louis was conducted which has led to the undermentioned observations:

Parking in Port-Louis is possible with ticket.

These tickets can be bought at gas Stationss. They are valid for either half-hour or one hr and must be filled by the driver when he parks the auto. One of the tickets is shown in the figure 2 below.

There are two different zones and depending on the zone parking is either 10 or 20 Rupees an hr.

There is parking country in Caudan Waterfront where when you enter, you have to take a ticket that will be used subsequently to pay for the parking topographic point. This is a secure parking topographic point.

Multilevel auto parking can besides be found. Similar to the 1 mentioned above, while go outing the parking batch, you will hold to pay.

There is presently no installation of purchasing the tickets electronically.

Vehicles have to line up up in order to do payment.

The driver needs to fix little alteration or hard currency in progress which means that he has to foretell in progress for how long he will be parked.

There is no agencies to supply the drivers with the exact location of the vacant auto parking.

Figure 2

How the System should be?

The system will be called SMS Parking System ( SPS ) . The SPS system will dwell of Registration Module, Administration Module and Reporting Module. Registration Module will let people who seek daily parking to register online. These are the people who are working in the current metropolis or organisations runing in the part. Registration is compulsory in this instance because people can profit from parking for longer periods of clip. The decision maker will verify and O.K. the on-line application signifiers.

Such sort of enrollment is non necessary for the populace as they will non be parked for longer periods every twenty-four hours. General populace will merely direct SMS to a figure indicated near the parking slot if they need to park. These people do non come to the metropolis everyday or frequently.

The disposal faculty will enter all the mentions such as site, location and street of parking, different types of zones, company Info, occupational Info, types of vehicles and user inside informations for people who registers online. These are set-up parametric quantities that are needed when deploying the SPS system.

There are other screens where the parking Id is associated with different rates, Zones and parking types. Parking types can be either reserved ( for companies ) , lasting ( for people working in the current metropolis ) or public ( where anybody can park ) . There are people or organisation that can use for the modesty type parking online for certain day/s. In this instance, delight note that no SMS should be sent as a measure will be issued every month for the continuance applied. But the decision makers will make up one's mind in the terminal if the application is approved or non. Valid grounds should be at that place in instance of rejection.

For lasting parking, the individual has to direct SMS everyday to a specified figure saved in his phone book. The System will be checked against a list of registered nomadic phone Numberss. If the individual exists, so merely the message will be processed as lasting and the former can stipulate besides the figure of hours he needs to park his vehicle. In this manner, the user can profit from longer continuances of parking.

For public parking, the process is slightly similar. The difference is that the individual has to direct SMS to a figure specified on the parking home base and one SMS lasts for one hr merely. In this instance, the System is non checked against a list of registered people.

There will be besides a dealing signifier that will enter the day-to-day parking for the populace and for people working in the metropolis. This signifier can non be modified by anybody. These are recorded by directing messages through nomadic phones. There will be two different dealing tabular arraies: one for the populace and the other one for private. Administrators besides can non modify the information found in these two tabular arraies via signifiers. Audit trails will be recorded for any alteration of system parametric quantities.

Finally, the coverage faculty will dwell of studies that will assist the municipality to see the different statistics based on the information captured. As a consequence, they will be able to take immediate action after analysis of the studies generated.

In brief, the System will look as follows:

Mention Faculty

Maintain of Location

Maintain of Streets

Maintain of Zones

Maintain of Parking Types

Maintain of Occupation Info

Maintain of Company Info

Maintain of User Details for Business

Maintain types of Vehicles

Record of Parking Info

Associate different zones, rates and parking types with the parking Id.

Allocate the private parking to concern people

Transaction Table

Recording of day-to-day parking for public

Recording of day-to-day parking for concern intents

Registration Faculty

Online application for concern parking with different figure of home bases to a nomadic figure

Confirmation and Approval of parking

Re-allocation of parking

Reporting Faculty

The figure of parking used per twenty-four hours

The figure of parking non used per twenty-four hours

The sum of money charged per twenty-four hours

The figure of parking used between periods

Fines grosss used by officers

The figure of mulcts issued in per twenty-four hours

Business Logic

Public will direct SMS to the system in a specific format:

`` Parking no Vehicle Registration figure '' to a certain figure.

Permanent people will be given a figure that will be saved in their phone book. Their SMS format will differ from public and will look like this:

`` Parking no Vehicle Registration figure Duration '' to either concern figure.

For enrollment people, monthly measure will be sent to place reference or office reference depending on the user penchant when using for parking.

For public, the sum will be deducted after having the confirmed SMS.

Each parking slot will be identified by a alone figure. In this manner, people will cognize the information about an available parking slot by directing `` ParkInfo @ Location '' to a figure that will be published on the web site with other stairss and installations for the users to better utilize the system.

Hardware, Software and Network Setup


The hardware for the SMS Parking System is located in a custom-built information centre that is built and maintained by Trio Company. The information centre is to the full secured and has the undermentioned characteristics:

It is back-up by a Diesel or gasoline generator in instance there is a power cut.

It has internet connexions from two different anchor suppliers in order to guarantee multi-homed bandwidth and uninterrupted connectivity.

The centre is besides connected over a secure VLAN connexion to three major Mobile operators viz. Orange, Emtel and MTML.

The information centre has an automatic clime control system with camera surveillance.

The entree to informations centre is restricted and controlled.

The back-end system comprises of the followers:


The CISCO Router connects to the different Internet suppliers and establishes the VLANs with the nomadic operators.



There are two UPS devices are cross-connected to each piece of waiter and web equipment on the rack to guarantee uninterrupted power supply in instance of UPS malfunction.

Tape Back-up

Log waiter ( Intrusion Detection System )

The Log waiter is a security waiter which is responsible for logging all web traffic, web waiter and database activity, security monitoring and coverage. It is connected to the tape back-up device and makes a differential backup of recent logs ( logs and database ) to the tape.

Web Server

The web application is deployed in web waiter. Port 443 ( SSL ) of the web waiter is made accessible over the cyberspace ( assigned to a inactive, existent IP reference ) and is used chiefly for communicating with the PDA devices used by the commanding officers in-field. Communication with the nomadic operators is besides done on port 443 but over unafraid VLAN ( and restricted by internal IP reference ) .

Database Server

The database waiter contains the database of the system which records informations. Connections to the database are allowed merely from the Web Server machine, over SSL, on a non-standard port, restricted by IP, and after proper hallmark. No other services run on the Database Server.

Monitor, Keyboard & A ; mouse

This is used for the user to pass on with the waiter.


This is used to publish studies or other information from the waiter.

Interaction of the SMS parking system

There are 3 possible ways in which the system will interact with different people:

Public, decision makers and commanding organisation

The populace can register through web. The decision makers will O.K. the application and control and keep the SMS parking system. The commanding organisation will bring forth studies.

Controling officers

The commanding officers will utilize their PDA devices for questioning and updating the waiter with information associated with a specific License Plate figure or Phone figure.

Mobile operators

The system will pass on with nomadic operators for the exchange of incoming and surpassing SMS. The system will pass on via SMPP protocol and exchange SMS as XML messages. Therefore there will be two java Apiss: one for having SMS from ( SMSC ) Mobile operators and the other 1 for directing the SMS to the ( SMSC ) to the nomadic operators.

The SMS parking will be Rs ( SMS cost + parking rate ) and there are two parking zones in Mauritius. With each sent SMS, the client is charged their standard SMS duty ( determined by their Mobile operator ) plus the parking fee of Rs xxx should the dealing be successful. The on the job hours are from 09:00 to 16:30, Monday through Friday, and from 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturday.

In general, the SMS payment procedure abides by the undermentioned form:

Client sends SMS message incorporating the licence home base figure of the vehicle they wish to park, the parking figure and continuance. Messages are sent to a incorporate short-number ( 1302 ) regardless of the Mobile operator.

Mobile operator receives SMS and relays it to SMS System via SMPP.

SMS System does preliminary proof of the message and ( if everything is OK ) attempts to bear down the proprietor of the phone figure from which the SMS originated.

If the proprietor has been charged successfully, SMS System extends the vehicle 's parking clip by 1 hr and sends a verification SMS via SMPP to the Mobile operator.

The Mobile operator receives SMS and relays it to the client 's nomadic device.

5 proceedingss before the termination clip, SMS System sends a reminder SMS to the client, informing them when their parking clip expires and how they can widen it.

The Proposed System

Design Description

The result of implementing such a undertaking as described above may non be successful although this has been accepted about all over the universe. There should ever be some test before the full execution of such undertaking because there is a big sum of hazard and cost associated with it. The user besides will take a batch of clip to acquire used to the system.

The proposed system will dwell of implementing a portion of the undertaking. It will instead dwell of a simulation of the undertaking. Then, after analysing the feedback of the public, we can make up one's mind how we are traveling to implement the whole system. We will besides be in a place to better the SMS PARKING SYSTEM ( SPS ) and do it more user-friendly. In this manner, the users will acquire used to the system easy.

The proposed system will take attention of many facets of the system. The first 1 is that the user will be able to park his auto by directing short message service ( SMS ) to the SPS system. The user should acquire a proper answer position from the waiter.

Second, the SPS system should be able to supply information about the vacant parking countries. If a user wants to cognize about the vacant parking in country, the former has to direct some text messages ( the name of the country ) to a certain figure that will be given. After look intoing in the database, the system will react by directing a list of vacant nearby parking infinites in a text message to the user. In this manner, the user will non blow his clip in seeking for parking infinites and will liberate up ways to other vehicles.

Furthermore, there is no system at Port-Louis to publish tickets to vehicles. Alternatively, the drivers make the usage of paper based tickets viz. vouchers which have to be kept on the splashboard of their vehicles. But in the proposed system, the parking tickets are in the signifier of text messages in the drivers ' nomadic phones. To look into for paid parking, the officers will be provided with PDAs. They have to come in the vehicle enrollment figure in their PDAs and chink on hunt button. The system will answer by directing the termination day of the month & A ; clip of the parking vehicle.

Furthermore, the payment of the electronic parking tickets will be automatically deducted by the service supplier. For every 1 hr of parking, a certain sum of money will be deducted from the users ' prepaid history. The sum of money charged will normally consist of money charged by service supplier and the cost of the parking ticket. If the history of the user has deficient money balance, so no parking tickets will be sent to the parking driver and the latter will non be allowed to park his vehicle. If the driver continues to park his vehicle, the parking officer will ticket the former after verifying from the database. For the clip being, no station paid history will be available to users.

SMS Parking Steps ( Drivers ) :

Measure 1: User sends SMS with vehicle figure [ operator figure contains information about supplier, metropolis and parking zone ] to premium rated figure advertised on the site or near the parking sites.

Step2: User receives a SMS reception corroborating the parking payment if the user has adequate money in his/her prepaid history. If the user is a prepaid client so the system will non look into for available hard currency in the user history.

Step3: User receives a presentment 10 proceedingss before the termination of the paid parking clip.

The Figure 5.1 shows the driver sending and receiving Samarium

Figure 5.1 shows SMS Parking Architecture ( Driver 's Part )

Control message stairss ( Police Officers ) :

Measure 1: The officer types the vehicle enrollment figure on the manus held device for checking.

Step2: The system returns an information message including the leftover clip period.

Traffic police officers will profit from the new system, enabling them to utilize their portable GPRS enabled terminuss, PDAs or any nomadic device to look into online whether the fee has been paid for a vehicle.

Figure 5.2 below shows the police officer doing a cheque utilizing PDA.

Figure 5.2 shows SMS Parking Architecture ( Officer 's Part )

Java as a scheduling linguistic communication

Java is more platforms independent ; it runs on several runing systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. This means that the SMS Parking System can non be restricted to one platform merely. Therefore people implementing the system can utilize more or less the same substructure. They do non hold to incur excess costs in purchasing waiters specific to one operating system and licenses depending on the figure of users accessing the system. These things make people think a batch before implementing such systems. In this manner, coders can freely exchange to open-source IDEs and tools. Costly undertakings can, in this manner, turn into low budget undertakings. Furthermore, the new IDEs are supposed to ease the undertakings of the coders.

Furthermore, Java is frequently known as `` write one time, run anyplace '' . This makes the Java model limited in range and profusion. But developers frequently use proprietary categories to entree characteristics available in the mark platform. They can do reuse of the categories whenever similar platforms are used. In this manner, clip is saved and the undertaking life span is shortened.

Reuse of Java Classes

A figure of Java categories have been identified so that later it can be used for similar undertakings. These are as follows:

This category is used to do connexion to the database. The driver for ODBC connexion is included in the category. This is used when linking to Access database. All the JSP ( Java Server Page ) pages interacting with the database have to utilize this Java category in order to do a connexion.

This category is used to put to death the different DML statements against the databases in order to pull strings the different tabular arraies in the database. All the questions are defined in this category. Exceptions are thrown if an mistake occurs.

This category is used to specify all the inactive variables and invariables that are used throughout the undertaking.

Scenario of the system

Customer thrusts in with his/her auto to the parking slot.

Customer parks the auto and reads the spine on wall stating him/her about how to park by SMS.

Customer sends SMS after careful reading.

Time base on ballss.

Customer receives presentment at the eating house.

Customer answers ( extends the continuance of the parking clip ) .

Customer enjoys his/her nutrient with friends.

Customer leaves the eating house.

Customer leaves the parking.

SMS Parking System Simulation 's Result & A ; Analysis

User Interface

The application involves user 's interaction. First of wholly, the user inputs the home base figure and sends it to a specific figure shown in the parking home base. This can be shown in Figure 6.1 below.

Figure 6.1: User directing message.

After directing the message, the user waits for the waiter 's respond. The waiter answers by directing either a failure or successful auto park. It tells the user besides when the parking clip will be expired. This can be shown in Figure 6.2 below.

Figure 6.2: The response of the waiter in the user Mobile.

Furthermore, the officer in charge of the country can do the usage of his PDA to seek if the vehicle has been paid for. This is done by come ining the vehicle enrollment figure. After snaping the hunt button, the position of the vehicle is instantly displayed as shown in Figure 6.3 below.

Figure 6.3: The use of officer 's PDA to seek for vehicles ' parked

Furthermore, the decision maker can see all the vehicles parked in the screen below. Figure 6.4 shows the different information about the vehicles. For illustration, the day of the month the SMS was received, the text message sent by a peculiar user, the clip the parking expired and so on.

Figure 6.4: The different information about the vehicles.

The Database scheme

The SMS Parking System makes the usage of four tabular arraies viz. the Transaction, Parking Info, Reference Code and Reference Type. The tabular arraies have been developed in Microsoft Access and the scheme for these tabular arraies is described below.

Table Name: Transaction

Function: This table keeps a record of each ticket issued to the user.

Field Name


Data Type


The Identification figure for each parking infinite



The ticket figure issued



Vehicle Registration Number



The nomadic phone operator



The message typed by the user



The phone figure on which the message was sent



The day of the month & A ; Time the waiter processed the user 's message



The day of the month & A ; Time the parking is traveling to run out


Table Name: Parking Information

Function: This tabular array registers all the parking infinite in a peculiar part.

Field Name


Data Type


The Identification figure for each parking infinite



The Sites in Mauritius



The Location for the parking country



The Street names of the parking country


Table Name: Mention Code

Function: This shops all the values for Sites, Location, and Streets of the parking infinite. For illustration, if the mention type is Sites. Sites will group the different parts ( Port-Louis, Vacoas, Curepipe etc ) in the state. Reference codification will be the different parts grouped under Sites.

Field Name


Data Type


The mention type used to group the mention codifications.



The mention codification



The mention codification description


Table Name: Mention Type

Function: This shops all the Sites, Location, and Streets of the parking infinite.

Field Name


Data Type


The different mention types used.



The mention types description.



In this study, we analyzed the assorted auto parking executions done by many states across the universe. This has permitted us to suggest an appropriate auto parking system with a minimal alteration to the bing substructure. As a consequence, this has helped to cut down the initial cost of the SMS Parking System. An low-cost monetary value of the cost of parking can therefore be offered to the general populace. Because of low care of the System, the gross of the municipality will finally increase. The economy can be used for the future range of the undertaking where the SPS System can be integrated to other package.

The SPS System will besides assist people to salvage more fuel and to be punctual at work as they will be able to acquire vacant parking infinites more rapidly. Last but non the least ; the SPS System will cut down the traffic jam and the pollution at the same clip.

Scope for Future Work

At a much later phase, the SPS System will be integrated to detectors that will cipher the exact figure of vacant infinites and will direct the control officer a message if the driver has failed to regenerate the parking infinite he is busying. Message marks ( VMS ) will automatically be updated with the latest information. Furthermore, the proposed system can be integrated to parking steering system besides.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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