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Smooth Transition from Staff to Nurse Manager Essay

 It is everyone’s dream to be promoted from one position to a higher and better position in whichever field one is in. Promotion results to increased incomes which form a basis for a better and more comfortable life. Promotion from a staff to a nurse manager is a great achievement. Strong personality that encompasses critical thinking evaluation and leadership skills are what matters as one raises the social ladder. Merit is followed as a criterion to determine who gets promoted. Having been promoted in the same place one has been working entails a lot of challenges. This is attributed to the fact that one has to change one’s roles

            A nurse manager is expected to have a strong desire to set and meet challenging goals with demonstrable excellence. To achieve this one has to be able to communicate well with the nurses who are responsible for the roles or attaining the goals at the grass root levels. A good manager will interact professionally with those below him or her and they will be able to achieve their set plans both from formulation through implementation. Setting limits of how communication should be formalized will be appropriate due to the fact that one was a member of the staff and had both formal and informal relationships. (Hogue, 1)

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            The manager should also be driven to maximize the quality of services offered and also minimizing errors that could occur in the health center this will not be achieved if there lacks a formal or professional relationship between the manager and the nurses.

            The manager should be in a position to convince others to accept the agenda and goals of the health care facilities. In doing this good communication between the manager and the nurses should be maintained. An effective channel of communication should be established so that the nurses can officially air their grievances and the manager can be able to solve them effectively. (Cooke, 30)

            The manager can listen to the nurses’ complaints through their organizations. These will easier his/her management role as there will be a strenuous free relationship between the two parties.

            Perseverance on the part of the manager will be called for to ensure that the nurses adapt to his/her new role. It may take time to achieve certain goals and to establish a formal relationship but with perseverance will see the solution to this new change. The manager should be in a position to handle complex problems systematically he/she is supposed to multi-task in solving problems as they a rise in the facility.

            The manager ought to be consistent regarding what the facility believes in or the causes of its formation. In so doing other staff members will be able to follow suit. He/she expects the nurses to perform their specialized roles, effectively and with minimal supervision. They are the vehicle towards achieving the goals of the health care facilities and should be treated with respect and dignity.

            Although human beings are social animals who cannot be 100% formal in their relationships care must be taken so that the manager now attains and retains his title. Nurses should also respect the manager and internalize the fact that he/she is now in a higher position and they are answerable to him/her.

            Placing high expectations on each nurse and letting them know that there are high standards they ought to meet will work to perpetuate the new found gap between the nurse and the newly promoted manager.

            Adopting a mechanism of not showing any preference to any individual nurses or group of nurses despite having had closer relationships while at the same level would work to show them that he/she is now in a more demanding position that demands seriousness. (Gerardi, 190)

            The manager should also constantly remind the nurses that they ought to remember the philosophy of nursing and place the calling they have before other things. This will work to ensuring that the goals of the facility are internalized in the nurses’ minds. The manager can also constantly challenge the nurses by questioning them on the responsibilities they meet and what they are doing at their positions. (Bashor, 22)

            He/she should not expect them to be below average. Constantly keeping them on toes will see them develop the mentality that the manager is above them and they will gradually adopt. The staff or the nurses are expected to come up effective control mechanism; they should interact freely with each other to ensure that queries that would have been solved at the lower levels are not transferred to higher management levels. Including the nurses by seeking for their expertise before making decisions such an arrangement works to increase the health care facility’s effectiveness.

            Over seeing one’s co-workers can be difficult especially if they are older in the profession than the manager and people in question are difficult to deal with. To solve this, the manager should improve on his self awareness and understand the need for flexibility or for adapting to the new roles. He/she should also review his/her job description to internalize his/her new role responsibilities, management as well as management the performance of the facility. Change should be gradual so that it is not overwhelming for the nurses. (Bashor, 21)

            Meetings can also be done regularly with the staff nurses so that they discuss the issues affecting them and come to agreeable solutions. Reminding the nurses to follow what is their job description will reduce conflicts of interests if such is deemed important.

            A good boss will give credit where it is due by appreciating good work done. He should not take credit on work that is not his but should on the contrary apprehend achievements made by others. He/she should not bully the nurses or control them unprofessionally. He/she ought to be supportive and should work towards motivating the nurses. Provision of too many directions would be insulting competent and self motivated nurses. Reviewing his/her job description will enable the manager acquire skills or seek training to better handle the nurses. (Mathena, 138)

            When dealing with problematic nurses, the manager should establish the real cause of the problem instead of the simply dismissing them. Evaluating at the training and development strategy of the company will enable him/her know if the nurse has been well trained.

Again mentorship is very important in nursing and it should be encouraged. Understanding the working environment would help establish if it is the cause for their questionable behavior. Nurses could be producing inefficient work due to unfriendly environment. The air could be contaminated leading to their inefficiency. Allergy’s and disease outbreaks could rise due to their exposure. The manager can look for solutions to this problem by creating a conducive environment. (Squires, 562)

            Efficiency of nurses could be negatively affected by their personal problems such personal problems are prone to occur and they range from health to death. The manager should establish a conducive relationship so that such problems can be addressed and solved. Problems caused by problematic relationships among the nurses themselves can be solved by ensuring that conducive and mutual relationships are established for all.

            The role of the nurse manager will be to oversee the hospital staff nurses to ensure that quality care is provided and it is done through total compliance with the policies and regulations mandate. He/she should provide professional guidance to the nurses and a mutual relationship is necessary to ensure that this guidance is well offered. He/she is also responsible in handling displinary issues. Nurses who do not respect the manager can be acted upon using displinary measures other nurses will be able to respect the manager as they will be able understand his role in the health facility. (Gerardi, 189)

            Compiling and preparation of administrative reports is another duty of the nurse manager. He/she will also be required to review the staffing and budgetary needs of the nurses. He/she is responsible in ensuring that the requirements of the nurses are attended to. It is upon the manager to ensure that the nursing body integrates well with other departments in the heath facility. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that the entire nursing body relates well with other departments to ensure efficiency in the care given. (Mathena, 134)

            The nursing manager will also have the role of maintaining quality health care while eliminating risks. Nurses are risk managers and they should all work in harmony to ensure risks are reduced. The nurse manager is responsible and accountable in ensuring that appropriate risk management strategies are put in place to ensure that quality of care is maintained. It is his/her role to ensure that nurses give quality care with the most economically efficient cost while minimizing costs. (McKenzie, 35)

            Delegation of work roles should be based on one’s qualification. As the nurse manager delegates work he/she should be careful not to offer workload to people who are not in a capacity to perform it. It would work as disincentive for the nurse to produce quality work. Giving nurses tasks they are qualified to perform will enable them work effectively and efficiently. (Gerardi, 186)

            To work effectively the nurse manager must develop his or her communication skills to ensure effective communication between client, patient support staff nursing staff physicians and other people. He/she ought to be a role model so that other staff nurse adopt or emulate the positive attributes the manager portrays. He/she should identify behavior that is acceptable and which is not and the nurses should comply to this.

            A good orientation should be done for the nurse manager to promote successful transition so that the senior manager facilitates smooth entry he/she could have a mentor who enlightens on what is expected from the facility and the mentor could be internal or external.

            The managers’ goals should not be conflicting with other nurses in the health facility. Earning the staff’s respect first is very crucial you should incorporate their ideas in finding solutions to problems. Effective communication will create trust between the manager and the staff who are his/her co-workers. (McKenzie, 34)

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