Smoking in the Philippines Opinion Essay

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Smoking in the Philippines Opinion

Smoking, is not an advisable to be a stress reliever. Even the a cigarrete commercial says “Smoking is dangerous to your health. ” Indeed, not only for the person who’s smoking but also for the one inhaling the smoke from the cigarette. It also harm the environment. So why use it? For fun or because you are depressed? No. That’s why when the sintax bill was passed it came to be a good news for me. But here comes the new technology of having electronic cigarettes here in the Philippines.

It is not yet proven that the vapor coming out from the e-cigarettes are harmful or harmless that is why even these e-cigarettes are not that advisable especially for children. Smoker must take in mind the consequences that they may cause, respect others opinion about the bad effects of smoking. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is concerned of the increase in the trade of the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette and the usage of this in different public places. MMDA wants to impose a regulation regarding the selling of these e-cigarettes and stop the usage of this in places like hospitals, schools, and terminals.

There is no law that prohibits the usage of the electronic cigarettes in enclosed places here in the Philippines, but the MMDA wants to prohibit it to more secure places because even though there are hardly any chemicals present in electronic cigarettes, there is still nicotine that causes addiction; add to the fact that these do not undergo clearance and inspection from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to say that it safe to use. Even the Department of Health (DOH) is against the use electronic cigarettes.

Based on a study, 90 percent of users can go back to the Tobacco smoking by way of e-cigarettes. When the law which prohibits smoking in enclosed places and the Sin Tax bill which increased the price of cigarettes was passed, the acquisition of e-cigarettes increased in number and it became available everywhere, even in sidewalks. An electronic cigarette is a battery-operated device used to create smoke just like the real cigarette does, but unlike the Tobacco cigarette, it produces vapor and not the kind of smoke that burns and damages the lungs.

The good thing about this e-cigarette is that it doesn’t harm other people by second-hand smoke. As a non-smoker, I really hate being one of those second-hand smokers. Second-hand smokers are more in danger of inhaling the smoke emitted by cigarettes. Even in commuting and boarding a public transportation vehicle such as jeepneys, you will see a signage inside which says “NO SMOKING” which was initiated by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). But sometimes, the drivers of Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJs) themselves are the ones who disobey it, which affects passengers.

Some people really do not know how to follow the rules. That is why we have unquestionably surroundings now. Some are not aware of what they are doing which greatly hinders the progress of this country. What would be our future if we could not get ourselves to follow simple signage? People’s opinions about electronic cigarettes vary. Some say that e-cigarettes are more environmentally-friendly, so, why prohibit it? They say that even in enclosed places it is fine to use it, because it only produces harmless vapor.

But for some, especially for non-smokers like me, we are greatly in favor of non-smoking in enclosed places, just like the same regulation implemented regarding tobacco cigarettes. For the parents, of course they do not want their children to learn to smoke at an early age but because of the selling of these even on the sidewalks where children can see them, they can be tempted to try and use e-cigarettes and watch how people use it. Children are always curious; they want to try different things and because e-cigarettes look and are different, they just might take the risk.

That is why people must also be aware of the proper usage of the e-cigarette. Avoid using it in public places, especially when children are around—and do your best to educate people around you. Sometimes, others also misunderstand the usage of it, and others are not aware of what sets it apart from the typical Tobacco cigarette. Let us learn to follow rules enforced by the law to have a suitable community for everyone, and for the better future of our country and our fellow citizens.

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