Smoking Good or Bad Essay

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Smoking Good or Bad

In the article “Banning the Smoking Gun” written April 16, 2013 for the Sentential Carl DeBeer claims that smoking on campus should not be banned. His reasons for opposing the ban were: 1) it infringes on the smoker’s rights. 2) Secondhand smoke can cause harm, but it is the individuals choice to stand close to the individual smoking. The evidence he states is that one if you ban smoking people will smoke less. That is not true according to economist at the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank they found that smoking bans do not have any significant effect on the number of smokers (according to David Nicklaus at St. Louis Today).

Also shown in a study from Stanford University, that being with in eighteen inches of someone who is smoking two cigarettes in over an hour is just a bad as being in a bar filled with smoke for an hour and it is still that individual’s choice to stand there. He also in an article from the New York Times written by Michael Seiger stating that by limiting smoking section to many smokers would be forced to stand outside in front of the establishment putting the people walking in in danger of secondhand smoke. He used logos to convince me with his evidence.

He does not state an opposing view in which hurts his argument in my opinion because there is no compromise between the two views. It is quite interesting to me because I walk past the smoking sections every time I go to class, also I got the surveys that were sent out and I answered once an ignored the rest. I want to find out more because I have no problem with the smoking and I would to know others views. I think that this a strong one sided argument if the opposing views where included I think that it would be better.

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