Smoking Cigarettes Addiction

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Smoking has become a severe addiction problem for any different age. Smoking cigarettes is a very wrong habit. Smokers are not only affected but also everyone around them. Cigarettes are taking the lives of people every day. I think everyone shall quit smoking to improve their health. Also, cigarettes kill thousands of people every year; they compromise the immune system and the second-hand smoke produced from smoking them is unsafe to others. People who are smoking are doing so as a way to cope with the problems they have in their family friends, relationship and depression.

Also being influenced by their peers and the environment they belong to and the feeling of being sad hopeless and empty.

According to Nemours, ‘Smoking is bad for you that cause low bone density fertility problems, development of heart disease, emphysema and various cancers’. The outcome is not surprising because every cigarette consists of chemicals. When you are having a puff of cigarette you are inhaling all those chemicals into your body.

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Yet it does not just affect your lungs through every cigarette. It also causes abnormal heart rhythms and high blood. It affects every single organ system in your body.

According to the article ‘Why Smokers Feel Good’ by ‘Live Science Staff’, smokers to enjoy their habit because it stimulates the flow of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain. Nicotine is one of the elements which cause very serious addiction. It produces different effects on the body. After a puff, you feel relaxed and good for a moment.

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As they continue to smoke their body learns to depend on nicotine and they smoke increasingly. Thus, when smokers tried to smoke it is so difficult for them because it becomes their habit and eventually it will be led to addiction and all of the health consequences. Plus it does not affect the inside also the outside of the body.

Cigarettes cause the skin to looks older. Also second-hand smoke causes lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease. There are several documented benefits to smoking cigarettes, one of which is that smokers tend to fare better than their non-smoking counterparts after suffering from a heart disease. In fact according to ‘Live Science Smokers’ they have a lower mortality rate. It may decrease your chances of becoming obese.

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Smoking Cigarettes Addiction
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