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SMART targets Essay

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SMART targets

A winning team will need 11 points to win a game and must win by 2 clear points. Each winning team will be awarded with 3 points and a losing team will gain 0 points, except if they force a team to win by 2 clear points above the normal 11, for this they will be awarded 1 bonus point. When all the league table games are finished, teams will move on to the “knockout” stages where the top four teams will compete for the ultimate winners and the bottom four will do the same for consolation winner.

In the knockout stages the team who finished on the most points, out of the four teams moving through, will play the team who got the least out of the 4, and second and third will play each other. The winners of both games will then move into a final match to play for the winners. Aims and objectives The aim of our event is to make sure all participants are enjoying the event and don’t get bored by it, we will try and keep them all involved at all times.

It is also important to think about the safety of both the participants and the organisers, making sure we don’t put anyone in danger and that it is a safe environment for everyone to work in. We also have to take into consideration the amount of time we have as we are not allowed to run for longer as the participants may need to be elsewhere, and we are also not allowed to run the session short as we may be liable for any participants left to wait when the lesson is finished.

Also an aim of our organisation is to give all the participants an equal opportunity, we will therefore make the team selection as random as possible to make sure everyone is treated the same. We also aim not to discriminate against any participant for any reason. SMART targets S – Specific: When taking our coaching session we will make sure it is specific to football tennis, and teach skills related to the event we will be running.

M – Measurable: We will make the event measurable by having a league table to establish how each team is doing and who is exceeding better than others. We will also encourage the teams who are struggling by pointing out ways to improve their performance. A – Achievable: a main objective of ours is to make sure we don’t make our session to hard and too complicated, by making achievable.

Our session could be simple and still have the means to work. R – Realistic: We need to make sure our targets are not extreme and unreachable, our targets need to be simple and precise so that we can achieve them. T – Time based: Our sessions need to be to a specific time. We need to make sure that our session is neither too long or too short by starting practices that are lengthy and will not be obtainable in the given time period.

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