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This ‘Request for Information’ is prepared by SITP to justify that it is best placed to design and develop the state-of-the-art ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

The document firstly introduces the company SITP by providing its profile. In the profile it provides an overview of the company, its structure and activities. Further it elaborates the culture, capabilities and strengths of the company. Along with that, in order to strengthen its justification it provides details of specific projects similar to that of ‘ImOuttaHere’, successfully implemented in various parts of the world.

Finally in the profile it introduces the expert team assigned exclusively to work on the ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

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The second part of the document provides a conceptual design providing an overview of how SITP will design the ‘ImOuttaHere’ system and how the solution will look like.

It also provides a rough estimate on the costing and timeframe of this project.

The final part presents a ‘Gantt Chart’ which produces a rough project plan on the processes and tasks to be carried out to complete the ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

2 Request for Information

2.1 Introduction

SITP is extremely delighted in receiving an invitation to provide the ‘Request for Information’ to develop the ‘ImOuttaHere’ project. All the staff and management of SITP extend our sincere appreciation to LittleBrother Pty. Ltd. for this invitation and enthusiastically looking forward to working with you in developing the ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

We have prepared a comprehensive Request for Information for your perusal. We are confident that we have put forward a solid case with justification stating why we are the best in developing ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

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2.2 Profile

SITP is a large multinational organisation tailors state of the art technology solutions for variety of companies around the world. Our organisation was established in 1996 with a small group of highly experienced, talented and focused people with the vision becoming the best technology solutions providers in the world. Ever since the successful completion of its first project of automating the Ronald & Sons Supermarket chain SITP steadily and strongly grown to become the market leader in offering the best and customised technology solutions and support for a range of organisations around the globe.

SITP is an ISO certified organization which strictly follows quality procedures to ensure the delivery of the highest quality reliable product.

2.3 Company Structure

The head office of SITP is located in the Seattle, WA, USA. It has an umbrella of subsidiary companies established in many countries spread into to various continents.

At present there are around 3000 dedicated employees working for these umbrella of companies.

For each project, irrespective of its complexity or size, the parent company will form a dedicated team in the respective country to provide total solution starting from the conceptual design to on going support.

2.4 Our capabilities

With reference ‘ImOutaHere Card Project’ SITP have all the necessary skills and relevant prior experience to successfully produce the best solutions. Some of the similar projects we have completed and successfully managing are testament for our capabilities. We shall provide brief description of selected projects similar to the nature of ‘ImOutaHere Card Project’

2.4.1 Master Link Health Card Project, Singapore

This is an initiative undertaken by health ministry of providing smart health card to each residence. This health card will hold all personal health record of the card holder. Every visit to the doctor or hospital is recorded with the information related to the visit. Hospital and health authorities have different levels of privileged access to the personal health information. With the swipe of the card the health authorities will get all the health history including immunisation. Apart from the ease of one easy to use card hold all information of an individual; one of the other major purposes for the government is to plan the health services for various regions and hospital based on the statistical data provided via this usage of this card on every visit to the doctor and hospital. This system is running very smoothly with up to date statistical data and information provided in practically in real time.

2.4.2 Express-e-Travel, Thailand

Thailand being a popular holiday destination, the largest and post popular travel agent in Thailand called ‘Paradise Travel Land’ embarked on the project Express-e-Travel. Many travellers make frequent travels, hotel bookings, entertainment activities etc. This requires the travellers need to carry many papers related to itinerary, various hotel booking, car higher, entertainment passes etc. Then in each place they need to juggle among those papers to get the right document. With the introduction of Express-e-card all these hassles were completely removed. This card holds all the travel related information and what the traveller needs is one plastic e-card. Even if the traveller looses the card, with valid identity he/she can obtain another card and get that information downloaded. Further by using a kiosk and with one swipe of the card the traveller can simply access his/her entire travel plan in an easy to read format on the touch screen display. The traveller loved this Express-e-Travel card. This project was a huge success for the ‘Paradise Travel Land’.

2.5 Our approach

2.5.1 Excellence in Requirements Gathering

Our at most important priority is to ensure the delivery of the best and right product the customer needs and wanted. Throughout the life cycle of the project we will extensively engage with all the stakeholders to ensure that requirements are completely gathered, compiled and analysed thoroughly. We value the great importance of capturing all the requirements. We understand the varying natures and abilities of stakeholders in capturing all the needs or requirements, difficulties in properly interpreting the needs. We employ various proven techniques and methodologies to extract and formulate the requirements.

In addition, our consultants have vast experience as well as access to a huge pool of information from the past SITP projects. The consultants will work with the management and stakeholders by providing right advice and suggestions on requirements.

2.5.2 Quality and Robustness in Design and Development

We always place enormous effort in our design and development to produce the best quality product which is robust, flexible and easily extendable. Our design process goes through many rigorous cycles of planing and reviewing to achieve the best outcome.

Throughout various development stages we bring out prototypes and work with the customers get the feel of what they wanted and or allow for variations as preferred. We emphasise on through testing procedure throughout the development process to ensure the deliverable is of exceptional quality.

2.5.3 Outstanding ongoing support

For the successful implementation and effective utility of any complex system, it is paramount for the client to have excellent ongoing support. We value the importance of efficient and high level of support and training. Our dedicated technical team will ensure that the customers will always have access to friendly, efficient and quality support.

2.5.4 Our Team

We have formed a highly talented and motivated team of experts to exclusively work on this exciting ‘ImOuttaHere’ project. If we are awarded, this talented team will continue to work enthusiastically to produce an excellent quality, robust and state-of-the-art ‘ImOuttaHere’ project.

Mai Loan Nguyen

Project coordinator

Mai has more than 15 years of experience as Project coordinator and successfully co-ordinated many projects including the ‘Master Link Health Card’ as well as ‘Paradise Travel Land’.Mai holds Bachelors Degree in ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ and Masters degree in ‘Project Planning and Co-ordination’

William Tran

Senior System Architect

William has more than 20 years of experience as Senior System Architect and has been the main architect of various complex systems including the ‘Master Link Health Card’ as well as ‘Paradise Travel Land’.

Nhan Guang Tran

Sysyem Designer

Shashank Kumar

System Architect

Komathy Gajendra:

Database and System Administrator

3 Conceptual Design

This section provides conceptual design of the system which abstracts from technical details on implementation level in order to improve comprehensibility. Furthermore, a conceptual model gives the opportunity to document the existing information system with a simple and easy-to-use notation which allows generation of information systems. The conceptual design focuses on what a ImOutaHere Card is, what it can do, and how it is intended to be used. Conceptual design reflects what Smartway Solution team’s thoughts and ideas in relation to the design of the requested solution. Through processes of the conceptual design, a deeper understanding of users and their requirements is developed.


ImOutaHere Card

3.2 Concept Overview.

This part discusses a central concept of expected product.

The application offers a smartcard, named ImOutaHere card and the entire system supports it. This smart card has the size of a standard credit card. The card is produced by secure base material with strong resistance to environmental influences. There is a chip embedded into the card to store and processing data of card holder. The main function of the card is to enable travellers to travel all around the world with only one card. They do not need to bring any other documents or cards with them anymore. The card can be used flexibly and multi-functionally as a travel card, a passport, a cash card, travel insurance card and storing other information related to the traveller. Users only need to present the card on the card reader, then they can be quickly identified and be self checked in at the airport.

3.3 User Roles and Their Requirements.

The target users of the ImOutaHere card is passengers of countries which approve ImOutHere project. Current countries in the project are: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, USA. The application is not available for business travellers using the APEC cards.

The stakeholders involved into the application are SITP Inc., Smartway Solution team , LittleBrother, travellers, airline companies, health organizations, departments of immigration, banks.

SITP Inc., is the company that forms project teams. Our team – Smartway Solution is one of those. We are working on the project ImOuttaHere to provide effective solutions for the project.

LittleBrother is the customer who refer to this project. If the project is successful, LittleBrother will have benefit from that. According to LittleBrother requires to have two forms of traveller identification on the ImOutaHere card:

3.3.1 Biometric Identification

Our group recommends face recognition to be used over other biometrics. The reason is that face recognition overcomes weaknesses of other biometrics with cost-effective price. For example, it is non-intrusive and requires no physical interaction on behalf of the user, compared to retina identification which asks users to be measured inside their eyes. The interaction may annoy some users. Comparing to finger scanner, face recognition can work effectively with all the users while finger scanner can not. The reason is everybody has a good face but not everybody has a good fingerprint.

3.3.2 Visible ID

All the information including traveller’s photo, name, date of birth, passport number is shown on the surface of the card. In order to assist authority in identifying travellers, user’s signature is required as a security feature at the back of the card. Also, the signature helps to ensure security when the card is used as a credit card.

LittleBrother also requests multi-applications on the ImOutHere card. The card would offer various functions to travellers including: passport, visa, air ticket, storing trip history information, self booking, self checking in, frequent flyer programs, credit cash, travel insurance, storing immunization information, diseases history and existing medical conditions. Information which requires high security will be loaded and controlled by official organizations The clearance information from Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMIA) can only be loaded by LittleBrother. Health information of travellers would be loaded by official doctors only.

Trip history information must be able to be viewed by immigration on re-entry to Australia to check that the traveller has the appropriate immunization. Passengers only can view their own information by automated mechanism but can not delete or modify it. The booking process and checking in process can be done by travellers themselves via ImOutaHere’s card reader. The card holds capability for hotel accommodation, car hire and meal vouchers when users access to the booking process. The self-checking in includes all general procedures such as: checking in luggages, issuing of luggage tags, seat allocation and issue of a boarding pass. Travellers only need to go to check-in counters if they are in out-of-the-ordinary situation.

Travellers are direct stakeholders of the project. They are end-users who will use the application for their travelling. The product brings them many benefits such as: convenience, saving time and simplicity. They do not need to carry any type of documents, except for only one ImOutHere card to self-checkin at the airport. Furthermore, users can benefit from the convenience of using one card for various functions such as: a cash card, a certificate and so on. However, travellers would require easy of use, friendly interface, good error-tolerance, simple procedures, getting work done quickly from the system. The system should not have any function that annoy and confuse users.

Airline companies are also stakeholders that have interest from the application. The ImOutaHere card allows airline to deliver higher level of service to travellers, improved ease of use and at a lower cost ( as airline may reduce certain number of staff working at the airport). Airlines will expect this type of smart card not only to be used as a vehicle for issuing and carrying travel tickets, but also be used to provide tie-ins to their frequent-flyer programs. Multiple Frequent Flyer programs such as: Singapore Airlines – Star Alliance, Cathay – One World should affiliate the card hold. One more important thing to airlines is that the card should allow the holder to book their own flights without the need for a travel agent. The travel agent is only needed when more complex routing. With self-booking process, airlines may cut off a large amount of expenses.

DIMIA is involved into the application as well. Immigration officers may interact with the card to check traveller’s information and issue relevant visa which will be also stored electronically on the card. The ImOutaHere card helps to improve the security of travel documents against increasing sophisticated document fraud, while also improving border crossing efficiency. The information of travellers is stored electronically into the card, so tampering or couterfeiting can be avoided. For that reason, travelling to or from each country will be able to tightly and securely controlled. Immigration officers would require an ease of use, security and accuracy when extracting credential information from passenger’s card.

Another stakeholder is health organizations. These organizations including official vaccination centres and clinics are responsible for loading information of travellers such as immunization information, infectious diseases history or existing medical conditions. These kinds of information can only be loaded by the doctor of official practioners. The application should provide an ease of use and security for them when loading information into related database. The travellers have no access to delete or modify, but they can view all information on the screen of the card reader.

The last stakeholders are banks. As the ImOutHere card can be used as either a visa, master, amex card, it should ensure all the features of a cash card such as: security, being able to identified by ATMs, being easily accessed by bank officers.

3.3.4 Objectives

According to vision and requirements of LittleBrother, the objectives of the application can be seen as: conveniences for users, flexibility and high security.

Convenience for users can be seen as: The traveller simply presents the ImOutaHere card to the card reader with face recognization device to be identified and to be allowed entry into the country.

Flexibility can be shown when the card contains multi-applications, including passport, visa, air ticket, credit card and many functions stated above. The travellers do not need to bring with them any other kinds of document when travelling, except for only one ImOutaHere card.

High security is the most important goal of the card. Data is held in the chip can prevent tampering or fake. The two forms of identification (Face recognization and visible ID) ensure the card from couterfeiting. Information on the card is loaded by official objects only.

3.4 Design the User’s Object Model(Will)

3.5 Design the User’s Task Model

3.6 Rough Estimate of Costs and Time (Will)

3.7 Gantt Chart

3.8 Conclusion

Less Cost and speedy delivery

Pilot testing capabilities

Worldwide link.

Range of knowledge, expertise and skills

Well verse with the state of the art technologies and actively up to date with the available technologies

Performed projects with various complexities, sizes and budgets


Excellent post development services and support and training.

Interact closely with customers in every stage of the project to ensure the deliver the right product

Managed huge database systems.

Long established and financially stable company.

Summary points to say why we should be selected:

– best solutions

– track record

– customer focus

– total solution

– dedicated team

– multi-national [ co-ordination and multi-lingual and knowledge of how to deal with local people to confirm to its cultural setup]

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