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Small Scale Industries Essay Examples

Essay on Small Scale Industries

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Effects of Globalization on Small Enterprises

The business world has witnessed a transformation in past years. Technological innovations, cultural progress, and connectivity have all influenced the habits and customs of businesses all across the world. Globalization has been behind this change, fuelling the revolution and shaping the businesses and society of today. Globalization is defined as “the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.” This process…...

Economies of Scale

Definition Decrease in long-run average and limited expenses, due to increase in size of an operating system (a factory or plant, for example). Economics of scale can be internal to a firm (expense reduction due to technological and management aspects) or external (cost reduction due to the impact of innovation in a market). Diseconomies of scale Definition Increase in long-term typical expense of production as the scale of operations increases beyond a certain level. This abnormality may be triggered by…...

The Impact of E Commerce on Small Business

Impact of E-Commerce on Small Firms have factor that has influenced the processes of adoption and use of e-commerce in both small and medium enterprises and industries. Small scales firms that have adopted and have used e-commerce have taken into account not only the technological part and organisational aspects of implementation but also the strong user’s o the web sites with their own skills, attitude towards work, enthusiasm and fear of technology. Whereas on the other side of the story,…...

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Small & Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs)

The definition of Small & Medium scale Enterprises (SMEs) varies from country to country. The classification can be based on the firm’s assets, number of employees, or annual turnover along with the loan amount. Central Bank of Sri Lanka defines SMEs as enterprises with less than Rs. 600 million turnover per annum and with a maximum exposure of Rs. 200 million mainly to be classified as a SME for Basel II Capital adequacy calculation and utilization of funds accumulated in…...

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

This requires universities, and in site professional development programs and training to reduce strategic thinkers who will have skills to succeed in a rapidly changing global environment. Creativity is breaking the conventional mental blocks and playing with imagination and possibilities, leading to new and meaningful connections and outcomes while Interacting with Ideas, people and the environment. Decipherment's is the only source of long-run sustainable competitive advantage. In an era of man-made brainpower industries, individual, corporate, and national economic success will…...

Challenges Facing Small Businesses in Kenya

A small venture is the backbone of all government's GDPs. Small businesses create jobs that contribute to economic growth, aid industrial development, satisfy local demand for services, innovate and support large firms with opportunities. In the government of Kenya, small ventures provide a significant percentage of employment and source of income to the population, In Kenya’ 70 % of businesses fall in the category of SME's, Basically, the small business traders are key in the growth of the economy of…...

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