Small Business Feasibility Studies Essay

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Small Business Feasibility Studies

Nowadays, printed shirt are everywhere: most common are seen on school s and universities: logos on uniforms, schools group & organizations uniforms etc. Some are used as freebies to promote a certain brand, socio-political events and gathering that comes in different designs and colors. We also see shirts with novelty designs such as cartoon characters, quotable phrases and anything that can be printed on shirts.

There are many processes of transferring a design to a shirt. Digital printing, the traditional silkscreen-printing process, iron-on, and customized hand painted. In these modern days, things are done in faster ways; wherein computer plays a vital role. Computer printed designs are among the most common in the market today. One can have his own picture printed on a shirt in just an hour or he can even personalize a design that he likes to be printed on his shirt. A design can also be mass-produced by a clothing company.

Digital shirt printing is the focus of this feasibility study. I come up with this idea as an answered prayer to the consumers demand for an alternative supplier for computerized design shirts. This digital printing business is not also limited to shirts only but will also be made available on other promotional items like mugs, tumblers, id laces, umbrellas etc.

School like SGGS, usually have their PE, intramurals, and other school activities shirts done elsewhere through a supplier. With this in mind, I would like to propose to become the school’s sole suppliers for all their t-shirt needs. Not only SGGS will enjoy a very discounted rate (since I’m an alumna) but will also give a free-hand to the students to showcase their unique creativity through t-shirt designs and customized it according to their likings.

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