Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement Essay

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Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement

Aw dreams that magical place that you drift off to in your sleep when everything goes just your way. Its that part of the day when everything is so pleasant and peaceful. Hello fellow classmates, and miss grubb today i’m here to talk about “ Dreams” There are many things that make dreams happen. for example being in a good mood not being angry and getting a good nights sleep can make it happen. You can dream during(REM) rapid eye movement. What is rapid eye movement. Rapid eye movement (REM) is the stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. REM sleep typically occupies 20–25% of total sleep, about 90–120 minutes of a night’s sleep. REM sleep is considered the deepest stage of sleep, and normally occurs close to morning.

During a night of sleep, one usually experiences about four or five periods of REM sleep; they are quite short at the beginning of the night and longer toward the end. Many animals and some people tend to wake, or experience a period of very light sleep, for a short time immediately after a bout of REM. The relative amount of REM sleep varies considerably with age. A newborn baby spends more than 80% of total sleep time in REM. now lets talk about dreams themself. The human brain is responsible for many complex creations, but it can’t invent the image of people. So the “strangers” that you meet in your dreams actually have the faces of people who you’ve once seen in your real life but forgotten, like your childhood mailman or that guy you bumped into on the sidewalk that one time.

Chances are that you’ve laid your eyes on more than a few individuals, and so the brain now has a huge cast of characters to play with when you drift off to sleep. Except for, in the case of extreme psychological disorder, every human being dreams. In fact, in a recent study, students who were awakened at the beginning of each dream but still allowed 8 hours of sleep, all experienced difficulty concentrating, irritability, hallucinations, and signs of psychosis in a span of three days.

When they were allowed their REM sleep, their brains compensated for the lost time by increasing the percentage of the sleep spent in the REM stage. Dreams are a window into the subconscious. Even though most of the time, they’re completely random, disorganized, and we forget 90% of them within 10 minutes of waking up; many people have drawn inspiration from their dreams.

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