Slavery in Old South Essay

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Slavery in Old South

Slavery was regarded as a very peculiar institution which was strongly defended by those who gained from it while at the same time, the slaves themselves hated this activity but had very little to do so as to get out of it. The white farmers in both the South and the North vehemently opposed the activity by viewing it as evil. Slavery was regarded as an economic necessity for some, a business for some, and for the slaves themselves, it was their way of life which they eagerly wanted to escape. Slave viewed the activity as exploitation and control by slave owners so that they could provide available and cheap labor force.

They viewed the exploitation as a direct one while at the same time; they felt used to help the white people live a comfortable life. There was oppression in the camps where these slaves were taken to work in. slaves were always in heavy chains and caning was the routine in these camps. Many people died before reaching their destinations where they could work Slavery was forced upon the Africans by the whites who thought that they were strong and could exploit the blacks by exposing them to extreme working conditions which were inhuman.

It is evident that without slavery, the white population could have been non-existent in this continent. And if they could have been there, they could be in a very pathetic state with utmost weakness, destitute, and misery. It is argued that the Africans brought to the north the already existing slaves in Africa and what changed were the masters (John 57). There were many evil activities happening in places where slavery existed and these institutions were responsible for the abuse that the slaves experienced in the north even though the whole system in the life of human is composed of all sorts of evil and compensation.

Slavery in the Old South comprised of forced labor with little or no pay at all. Slaves were regarded as property with no rights who could only serve in the firm of their masters who totally owned them. They provided free and cheap labor to their masters and what they got in return was only food and filthy shelter. Slaves in the Old South were in some cases beaten to death in case they refused to work or when they demanded for some privileges.

It was common to see slaves receiving slash from their masters as form of punishment with the aim of reforming them to be more obedient to their masters and some got permanent injury I the process due to this form of punishment. Most scholars have argued that this method of punishment was intolerable and degrading to slaves even though the people of the Old South saw this kind of punishment only degradable to a child but not to adults. Slaves were forbidden by the constitution to get any form of education and they argued that people who work with hands during the day does not need an improvement of the mind or amusement through leisure.

The denial of any form of education to slaves made them face economic hardships since they had no experience in any office work by the time of abolition of slavery. Slaves were not allowed to marry with any race in the slave holding nations. But on the other hand, the Old South during the slavery period was like a brothel. The women slaves become of use by men in superior positions to look for sexual gratitude with these women. This led to the siring of mothers of mixed races who sought sexual regarded as outcasts. John White. Slavery in American South. US. McGraw Hill. (1970). Print.

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