Slavery in Colonial Times Essay

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Slavery in Colonial Times

The colonization of North America was fronted by European explorers who discovered the existence of territories in the west. Prior to the colonization of North America, tribes who inhabited the region were in command over their lands and their people. The invasion of European colonizers has eventually brought about radical changes, mainly due to irresolvable conflicts, to the North American tribes’ way of life. Although slavery was notably practiced by European colonizers, native tribes also observed it.

Slavery has become one important aspect of the people’s existence as the practice of slavery and servitude was sustained and adapted from the European culture. Slavery and slave trade was significantly practiced during the colonial period and has served a purpose for those who implemented it. In some instances, slaves were traded in order to put an end to the deteriorating population of North American tribes whose members were victimized by the war and also by illnesses brought about by ailments and infections without any known cure.

This practice of slavery serves a communal and political purpose as it aims to bring back social order in a tribe. For economic purposes, acquired slaves, most especially those of African descent, were marketed to other slave traders. Moreover, captives were used to work and serve for people in higher classes of society. For others, slave trade was practices in order to fulfill debts or other neglected responsibilities. The concept of slavery being observed during the colonial times is not a big surprise to almost everyone who is aware of the present conditions of society.

We have been hearing terminologies such as racism and discrimination, and as far as I know, this present societal problem originated from slavery. Slavery is inhuman and should be abhorred by everyone. I believe that ethnocentrism, or the belief of the superiority of one’s culture, is the main reason for slavery and slave trade during the colonial times. European colonizers made ethnic tribes and groups as slaves due to ethnocentrism. Since then, our society has been facing problems regarding social order and global peace.

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