Skyline Homebuilders Case Study Essay

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Skyline Homebuilders Case Study

In my opinion Skip Patterson has never really had a marketing strategy or any formal promotion efforts. As this case says most of people don’t focus on the benefit. This means most of people in the town don’t know the value of green home since they don’t know what exactly green home is and what it is good for them.

To be simple, the problem that Skip is that there has never been communication about green home, so there is no information, interests and buying.

Thus Skip’s promotion objectives should set to reveal much more people to let them talk about his company and green home. With this objective, informing and persuading may be needed to affect the potential customer’s knowledge and attitudes about Skyline Homebuilders and its green home.

Firstly, Skip Patterson should inform people of the green home features and values, benefits, in this context.

Then, he must not only inform people green home but also persuade them to pay attention it. He can try to develop a favorable set of attitudes by explaining its benefits and differentiation so people will be interested in, and considering buy it and talking with their family or family about it.

Based on these promotional objects and strategy, I would like to suggest some promotion methods by using AIDA model.

To attention and hold interest, create SNS channel. Facebook and Blog would be a good channel to explain in details what green home exactly is, what it will bring to our family, and our world, what it is different with normal home. Most importantly, how you can save huge money in the future during living in the green home. It can enable people to understand why it is more expensive, and it is valuable to pay more.

In addition, local broadcasting, local radio and local newspaper would be good to inform people. He can make a media kit about his company and his green home which make local medias feel interesting about his company and green home. Also, he can try to pitch interview with media. He is a kind of expertise about environmental construction, so he can give comments about what relates with environment issues. Then, he will be knows as a expertise, it will be helpful to support his business. Moreover, if he keeps try to talk about green home or environmental issue in local media, people who start to be interested in it will increase.

At the same time, he can hold a kind of mixer which people who are living in green home or want to live in it can meet directly so they can hear real voice.

Targeting communications at consumers should need. If Skip can know who is interested in green home in the town he can give them message more effectively via various ways.

However target marketing has also disadvantage. First, he will spend a lot of money for target marketing, such as research and promotions. It also takes a considerable amount of time to identify a target audience, analyze research data and develop marketing strategy to reach them. And if he promote strictly to target consumers may overlook other users.

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