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Skullduggery Pleasant

Section 1- Introduction In the book Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy, there is an undiscovered world that is hidden in plain sight, where battles between magical beings take place. Landy creates an amazing world that has different twists at each corner. These twists make an awe-inspiring book that uses different aspects: it has character contrast, it has a plot that keeps u wanting to read more, and it focuses on a certain audience which I am a part of. This wonderful book has proved that Derek Landy is a capable writer. Section 2- Author and Title

Derek Landy was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1973. Landy, as a child went, to Drogheda Grammar School (Harris). He later in life became an author and screen writer. His first screenplay is an award winner Dead Bodies and the second was nominated and it’s called Boy Eats Girl and these screen plays have been turned into movies. Landy has been successful with his screenplays and has also been successful with his writings. He has started the Skulduggery Pleasant series and this series has become a top seller in the United Kingdom (Harris). When he wrote this book he wrote it in a contemporary setting. He wrote it because it is relevant to his era and political tensions going on in Ireland and Britain. This book has a fight between two different types of magicians that are trying to prove one is better than the other. This is why he wrote this book, but still avoided exactly saying there were tensions between the two countries. This book is relevant, but he hides it like the mysteries that take place. All the mysteries have started with a death of one family member. Section 3- Summary

The story Skulduggery Pleasant starts with a family member named Gordon Edgley. His sudden death is a shock, but most of his family is distant from him other than his niece, Stephanie Edgley, because she was the only person in the family that would listen to Gordon and believe the stories that he told. When his will is being read Stephanie receives his mansion, also in the reading of the will, a mysterious man named Skulduggery Pleasant shows up and was given “words of advice,” from the will. Stephanie, by herself in her new mansion, is attacked by a vicious creature, but Skulduggery Pleasant saves her life with a fiery performance. This encounter shows Stephanie a whole new world of magic and mystery and with this new world she had to come up with a new name, Valkyrie Cane. This name came to her because her old name got her entangled under magic. Ever since the meeting of Skulduggery and Stephanie they have gone on a dangerous journey, discovering that Gordon was murdered for the power to destroy the world. This fight eventually uncovers the real mastermind behind it all and they have to fight a man with a red arm, named Nafarian Serpine and they fought for the world’s future. Section 4- Setting

This book comes with unpredictable twist of events with each new chapter. This whole story takes place in a hidden world and Skulduggery takes Stephanie to this different dimension hidden in buildings that look normal from the outside, but look like a palace on the inside. This new world conveys a mysterious mood with each hidden plan and with each new piece needing to be found. With the casualties of close friends this story getting darker. With the more mysterious events, and with the dangers around each corner, you start to wonder which side will win in the end. In this entire mystery, there are clashes between Serpine and our protagonist, Stephanie, which helps unravel this book. Section 5- Characterization and Plot

In this book Stephanie changes exponentially. In this story she is the protagonist, because she goes on a new journey and fights against Serpine and the world’s demise. Stephanie is very insistent and brave, but she is young and is underestimated in this new world because of it. She fights through the horrors of this dark world. Whenever she was given the opportunity to get out she wouldn’t, leading her to more and more dangerous events. She wouldn’t have done any things if she didn’t have courage. Stephanie, even with her hardheadedness, starts to see that this battle has more than just two sides to it and Nafarian Serpine planned it out to be that way. Nafarian Serpine is a brilliant villain. His plans are layered and always have a backup plan to it, until his final plan is ruined with no back up to it. Serpine is a flat character that doesn’t change making him the antagonist. He is like characters in movie and other books that will do anything just to receive power. Once he got a hold of power, he pursued for even more power trying to revive a group of gods to rule the world. He fought for the soul purpose to gain power and to make the world “right”. This may have been his only goal in the book, but he was a major part of the plot. Section 6- Plot

This book starts off with a death and builds suspense from there. The climax of this book is when Serpine gets a scepter that has the ability to destroy anything and everything. He got a hold of the most powerful item know to be out there and Stephanie couldn’t do anything to, but wait for an opportunity to strike back. This was also one of the best parts of the book because the author put his words in such a way to keep the reader mystified in what is going on. His syntax lets the reader understand at the same time enjoy the writing. He also puts foreshadowing in the book to warn the reader. In this story Gordon was reading his book before his death and in the, “final chapter of his new book, And the Darkness Rained upon Them, and the next he was dead,” (Skulduggery Pleasant 1). This quote says what will soon happen and the darkness, Nafarian Serpine, did come. The way Landy narrates these things helps make the book flow. Section 7- Narration and Point of View

This story is narrated, meaning that this book is in third person, and throughout the story you want to know what is going on in the different characters minds. When Skulduggery got caught, I wanted to know what was going through his mind. You want to know how they feel in these different situations, but you only get to see their actions. This means it is in third person omniscient, because it is being narrated and you don’t see what is going on in all the characters minds. The way he narrated this story helped define the mood of this story. Section 8- Mood and Atmosphere

In this dark, but mystifying world the mood is set by the events that take place. The hidden feelings and plots in this story is a mystery. This mystery wants to make you keep reading and find out what is next. Then all the casualties that took place to save the world, and the evil plans behind them bring an eerie feeling. The mood always changes with each chapter sometimes with each new sentence, like when Stephanie saw the staff bringing a bright feeling, but to be taken away when Serpine takes it. Then with each new mood he uses different sound devices and speeches to make the story flow. Section 9- Sound Devices and Figure of Speech

Landy is really good with using different things to make the story flow like irony, simile, or metaphors. “Their papery skin was just a mere expressionless shell,” this is an example of a metaphor in this story (Skulduggery Pleasant 92). It explains the henchman of Serpine. It says they don’t look human or full of life. There is also example of simile, “The water was hurting him, it was tearing through him like acid.” The water is being compared to acid by using like making it a simile. In this story Skulduggery walks around like a living human being and when Stephanie asks if he was alive Skulduggery responds, “Well technically no,” ( Skulduggery Pleasant 49). This is ironic because Skulduggery is alive, but he has already been killed. In this novel Skulduggery isn’t just ironic, but also a symbol. Section 10- Symbolism

There are multiple symbols in this story. Skulduggery in this story is the symbol, but also a main character. He represents life and death in this story. This is because he is dead, but now a living skeleton. He also represents the death that is to come. Skulduggery also represent loses that have been made in order for what Serpine is planning not to happen. Serpine’s red arm is also a symbol. It is the symbol of death and all the lives has taken. His arm is a blood red and he has used it to kill so many. This novel has a lot of death like symbols, but still is able to bring bright moments that take place in the friendship of Skulduggery and Stephanie. Section 11- Theme

The major theme of this story is friendship. This is because Gordon helped Skulduggery even while dead. Then on thousands of occasions, Skulduggery and Stephanie saved each other’s lives with a swooping rescue. They protected each other even if they were trying to save their friend. They did all they could for each other in the good times and even the worst times. This shows true friendship and that if they work together than can accomplish more than just by themselves. They would joke and be happy even if in the darkest of times. Skulduggery’s sarcasm is one of the reasons how they kept happy. Section 12- Tone

The sarcasm is one of the multiple tones that takes place in this story. It keeps the reader entertained and relaxed when there is calm right before a major event. Then there is also the tone of urgency used when they are fighting for their lives against vampires and carnivorous plants. This keeps the reader on his or her toes while reading these parts. Sarcasm and urgency are the two major tones in the story that the author was trying to convey to his readers. This also singles out the audience he is trying to get this across to. Section 13- Intended Audience

This book is a fantasy with a lot of the creatures act different than what people would they’d act. They are vicious and will attack any one. This story is also a mystery, a mystery that Skulduggery, a dead detective, solves all cases that he receives. He resolves mysteries with the help of Stephanie, but they can’t always find out the deep plans that were laid out by Nafarian Serpine. This creates dangers for the detective that will take place. The final thing this book is adventure, an adventure that leads into another. Derek Landy is trying to get people who enjoy a mystery, fantasy and/or adventure to read this book. Section 14- Conclusion

This book Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy was a well written story. It has a war to save or to control the world. This war is in the hands of a living dead detective and a 12-year-old girl against a dark evil magician with a red hand. This story has a great plot to go along with these characters. It has climax where Serpine gets the ability to destroy anything he wants without trying and this leaves Stephanie and Skulduggery trying to get the staff from him. This book is also focused to people like me who like fantasies, mysteries, and adventures. I enjoyed this book and if you choose to read this book, you will enjoy it.

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