Skin Cancer Case Essay

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Skin Cancer Case

There are many different reasons that we are humans go to the hospital. If you are like more people, you most likely do not go to the doctor or hospital unless you feel something is wrong or have drastic changes in the body. One of these times is when it comes to skin cancer; it is one of those things that you would not see your doctor until you notice a difference in your skin.

Skin cancer is categorized by skin cells and the skin layers. Melanoma is caused by a problem with melanocytes which are in charge of skin pigment. When the outer layer of skin is affected, it is called basal cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is when the squamous cells that make up the surface of the skin are affected. When neuroendocrine cells which release hormones from the nervous system are affected, it is called neuroendocrine carcinoma ( Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the United States (http://www. With that being said, it does not cause as many deaths as other cancers do. The most deadly type of skin cancer is melanoma and the most common kind is basal cell carcinoma (

There are differences in the numbers of men and women in the United States who have skin cancer. This is due to a few factors such as; race, age and especially large exposures to UV light, with men getting more exposure yearly than woman ( It is thought that indoor tanning increases the risk of basal cell carcinoma by 69 percent.

In some types of skin cancer, the cancer presents itself as a dark spot on the skin. In other types of skin cancer, there are sores, bumps, or rough scaly red patches. The affected area may also itch or irritate the person. Making sure to watch moles on the body for any change is also a good idea as this may also be a presentation of skin cancer ( wyntk/skin/page7).

There are different kinds of treatments for skin cancer. There is surgery to remove the area, chemotherapy, radiation, or photodynamic therapy; drugs taken that may kill cancer cells when the person is exposed to light ( Treatment depends on stage of cancer, size and place of the skin. Stage 0, being only the top layer of the skin and Stage IV, where the cancer had spread to other organs. When thinking about prevention is it important to stay away from sunlight especially during the brightest times of the day. It is very important to wear sunscreen when you go outside of at least 15-30 SPF and cover the head with a hat. It is also a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes and the skin around the eyes from damage ( wyntk/skin/page14).

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