Skillsoft Business Integration Levels Essay

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Skillsoft Business Integration Levels

Information Technology, IT, is an integral property in a business’ success. In order for an organization to reach its maximum potential this organization will need to be coordinated and integrated. For as the organization moves on to higher levels of integration it will find many potential benefits to be gained.

These can be broken down into five different levels of business and IT integration. The first level, which is also the most basic, is to efficiently use IT within the organization. The second level maximizes the potential benefits by effectively integrating different IT systems throughout the whole company. When a organization reaches the third level, its own business methodologies have changed based upon the integration of IT systems as a companywide benefit.

At level four, a company begins to use the IT system to transform an organization’s way of doing business across their business network which includes the supplies, intermediaries, and buyers. A level five integration is the highest and can be noticed when an organization begins to change its business direction based upon the advances in communication and IT. These businesses tend to be the most flexible and effective based upon their ability to become more flexible. How does IT deliver business benefits that are related to the business strategy?

IT can deliver business benefits by creating a shared organizational vision. Different departments within the organization are able to communicate more effectively with the integration of IT. With better communication each department is able to act and make decisions independently from each other to become more functional in their roles.

By enabling the business strategy with IT an organization has the ability to go over and improve the overall business. IT allows the business to quickly gather information and make decisions which cut costs, improve customer relations, and become more competitive with their competition. By integrating a wireless IT network the business can access this information anywhere instead of relying upon one central location, enabling employees to work outside the office and with other employees in different locations.

In time the business strategy my change or at least be altered based upon the capabilities IT brought to the organization which it did not possess at the beginning of its life. Having the advantages of an IT-enabled strategy and integrating IT into the organization is crucial in this day and age to the overall success of the business.

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