Skills Assessment Summary and Matrix Essay

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Skills Assessment Summary and Matrix

A skills assessment was conducted on Team B. Team members worked together in indentifying their respective skills and developed a matrix table to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses. In performing the skills assessment a diverse mix of skills were identified that include case management, case planning, client services, assessment advocacy, research and information gathering related to client services that also include translation services for the Hispanic population.

To achieve as a high performance team it was established that strong core values will help guide attitudes and behaviors in improving the performance of the team goals. Team B diversity of work experience provides individual perspective and knowledge in human services management, in non-profit, public and private industries. The skills assessment table categorized different skill sets and areas that need improvement for each member of the team. Team Skills

The experience of the team is demonstrated in the years of serving clients in their communities. The areas of skills Team B need to develop further are proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Access, interviewing skills, writing skills, research, and creating and working with program budgets. Team member has devised a plan to fine tune their skills further. Educational and Experience

This Team recognized that with so many years of experience we have a lot to offer. Our years of experience along with our level of education will lead to positive outcomes. One important fact about the Human Service field is it offers the opportunity to gain more knowledge in different areas of service. The consulting firms will be able to provide support to families, children, and other individuals to assist them in becoming self sufficient. Skills Needed and Plan to Obtain

The skills matrix help Team B identify specific areas that need fine tuning for our firm to be successful. Areas identified are further training to
become proficient in Microsoft Excel, Access, and research, accounting, self management, networking, writing skills, data tracking. Additional areas identified are writing skills, creating and working with program budgets. The plan to further these skills is to enroll in courses. Consulting Firms

Team B has a variety of skills, education, and experience and many opportunities exist for the group to concentrate in. The team has narrowed its focus to three consulting firms types based on the abilities possessed by each members one possible alternative for a consulting firm is a social work consulting firm. Social work consulting firms contain experts in adult mental health, substance abuse, learning disabilities (Social Work Consultancy, n.d.). Team members also have extensive management experience in varying fields in human services management.

A management consulting firm would make excellent use of these skills. Management consulting firms assist organizations improve management procedures. Management consultant problem solve, make recommendations, and explain the solutions (Kelly, 2012). The members of team B would also do well with a human resources firm.

Human resources firms evaluate accounting procedures, investigate fraud, and mediate disputes (Kelly, 2012). Members of team B are skilled in mathematics. They have experience with audits in management roles. Plus, human services education includes mediation skills and ethics.

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