Skilled Nursing Facility’s (SNF’s) Essay

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Skilled Nursing Facility’s (SNF’s)


Long Term Care also known as Skilled Nursing Facility’s (SNF’s) focuses on residents with chronic diseases and illnesses. Long term care can be provided at home, in the community, assisted living facilities and/or nursing homes. Nursing homes or SNF’s, provide their residents with round the clock nursing care and assistance with their activities of daily living. Skilled Nursing means that care is given by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nurses Assistants 24 hours a day. Each resident care must be individualized, so this facility has interdisciplinary meetings to address what type of care a resident should receive and coordinates it with the physicians order. Our rehab residents all have private rooms, and receives various levels of rehabilitation and therapy prior to returning home.

The facility uses a holistic approach to treating each type of resident. Long Term Care facilities help residents/patients who are in need of a short term or long term care stay. Short term residents normally are placed for rehabilitation services such as Physical, Speech or Occupational therapy. This paper will further discuss in-depth information of this health care organization’s mission and vision, strategic planning that this organization utilizes, theoretical frameworks, organizational structure and the organization’s major service delivery and activities.

Alternate Living Environments Facility Selection Part-1

Heartland/Manor Care is a corporation that had been merged many years ago. HMR formally known as Manor Care merged with HCR formally known as Heartland. This healthcare organization is one of the largest providers of post-acute skilled nursing and rehabilitation with over 280 centers located across the United States. A vast amount of the facilities perform under the name of Heartland and ManorCare health services. This learner chose to conduct research on this particular Long Term Care SNF due to the fact that it is one of the most recognized facility in the Southeastern region. I found it interesting how two separate companies merged into one successful corporation. The Heartland/ManorCare facility this learner will discuss is located in Union, South Carolina. This facility offered individualized treatment plans, skilled nursing and various types of medical care, hospital-level rehabilitation therapies, recreational activities that will aid and help assist a smooth transition for residents discharge back into the community and disease management.

This particular facility is also dually licensed. Dually licensed mean that this facility is licensed as a skilled nursing facility and an Assisted Living Facility. A large amount of this facility patient derives from the hospital. Many of their residents has multiple medical needs and are treated with the anticipation of returning them back into the community. The primary focus of Heartland Union is caring for post-hospital or post- acute patients and returning them home. 95 % of this facility patients receives rehabilitation therapy services, and outstanding 90% of their patients have the ability to manage their care needs by the time they are discharged. This means that a large amount of their patients return home rather than stay for long term placement. The focus of this facility is not only to rehabilitate residents and discharge them back into the community, it also focuses on the cognitively impaired and residents with chronic diseases and illnesses.

Heartland’s area of expertise includes pulmonary care, cardiac care and stroke and neurological care. The major health problems of older persons are related to circulatory failure and include heart attacks, cerebrovascular disease (strokes), and atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries (Cox, 2006). With the aging process some elderly can develop diagnoses of Dementia and Alzheimers. This facility has a unit which is a special place residents with Dementia lives, socialize and receives the attention that they need on a daily basis.

Corporate and Leadership Structure

The organizational structure is as important as the culture for health organizations to provide the best care possible to the patients. According to Glickman, Baggett, Krubert, Peterson, and Schulman, (2008) “Organizational design is a formal, guided process for integrating the people, information, and technology of an organization, and serves as a key structural element that allows corporations to maximize value by matching their corporate design to overall strategy.” It is extremely hard for large organizations to provide quality of care when the organization structure is not set properly. Most large health organization have their work divided into small tasks and each employee is responsible for his or her duties. The headquarters of this corporation is located in Toledo Ohio. The corporate structure consist of various departments that plays a vital role in determining the organizations goals and missions.

The corporation of course has its Chief Executive and Chief Financial officers. It has been mandated that all nursing homes have a governing body and minutes must be kept of their meetings. The governing body usually appoints the leader of the health care facility. The leader of Heartland Healthcare of Union is the Administrator/Executive Director. The Administrator is responsible for the satisfaction and safety for each resident and its staff members. The Director of Nursing (DON) is a registered nurse that monitors the care of the residents in the facility. The DON normally assumes the Administrators job functions in their absence. This facility also utilizes an Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON). This position is not mandated for facilities to have. The ADON at this facility assists the DON and acts as the DON on off hours and when not present. The facility also has a Medical Director who oversees all healthcare staff. The facility also utilizes managers and mid-level managers which help relay information from top to bottom. These individual listed above are possess the skills and abilities to help the organization achieve its set goals, mission and standards.

Location of the environment

Heartland Healthcare of Union is an 88 bed nursing home located in Union South Carolina. This facility is located in a continuing care retirement community and it provides indoor and outdoor activities. This facility has amenities including, but not limited to, personal laundry and linen services, happy hour, Wi-Fi, religious services, leisure time, Activities, entertainment and exercise, special arrangements for private fun and spiritual needs. The current census of the facility is 76 which 86 % of the beds are occupied. The facility is located nearby a reputable hospital (Wallace Thomson) which scored a 90 % on its Medicare Review. Heartland of Union is near other medical facilities such as mental health clinics, dialysis centers and Hospice. Heartland Health care Center of Union strives for excellent customer service and satisfaction. This facility has a great organizational and corporate structure that works hard to ensure the resident receives the highest quality of care.

With the reduction of Medicare/Medicaid funding all nursing homes faced challenges with staffing, and other things that effects the budget. Heartland of Union does not have a high staff turnover rate with their direct care staff. Providing adequate staff helps improve the quality of life as well as quality of care. The safe location of the facility and its proximity to the local hospital is an important factor. This facility also has a healthy relationship with the hospital. The Overall mission of HCR Manor care is to continue to expand to meet the needs and health care goals of individuals who are discharged from the hospital and requires additional nursing and rehabilitation care (hcrmanorcare, n.d.).

This corporation plans to run efficiently by using strategic planning and implementation. A strategy of a corporation is a comprehensive plan stating how the corporation will achieve its mission and objectives (Hunger & Wheelen, 2011). Oakmont union uses the corporate strategy since its apart of a corporation. This strategy describes the overall direction and attitude toward growth and management. Polices are put in place to ensure the success of the organization.


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