Skill and Training Background Essay

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Skill and Training Background

1. Experience with the company personnel involved in the training The employee and staff in BIR are very approachable and they are cheerful person. I feel the trainee are part of their family we are treat them family as well and I experience the treatment as if I’m also their co-employee. They are let me learn and experience the day by day. The Company gave the best training for students that would give them a good training ground and would enhance their knowledge and skill. The school must have the job training their company. The school should visit the OJT to have the best monitoring of the training the students are taking. 4. Strong points

We all know BIR is the collect taxes from the tax payer. As an intern’s I gained so much ideas especially in the tax field because I’m taking up financial management and accounting this is very relevant on my program. The company has a great training background and learning background as well because I learned slightly how to compute the taxes. This is a great opportunity for me to be one of their OJT’s. 2. Weak points and suggested solutions

As an intern my concerned is, they won’t allow their OJT’s to handle some confidential documents like financial matter. And I don’t think that this is there weak point, for me, this is not an issue this is my own observation the office have lack of tables for the trainees they don’t know when we sited… I suggest that we request them to give for the trainee extra table to be more comfortable especially when they recording the dockets..


A. Potential of the company as a training ground
BIR has a good training background especially to the finance and accounting students. The company offers great opportunity that would let me be more knowledgeable, confident and to develop my skills in so many thing. B. Duration of training (too long too short)

The duration of my training is too short because I only lasted for more or less 2months. The first week of being an intern was really uncomfortable and nerve because I didn’t know how to communicate my boss in a nice way when I feel nervous. And I’m always nervous in what could happen to me every day. But the good side of the employee of BIR they are willing to share their knowledge and they will help you how to deal with other people in terms of the taxpayer pay their taxes.

C. Suggestions for the improvement of the training program
As far as the performance of BIR it was doing well. They should always hire at least two interns because They have good learning background and training background that the interns should absorb it and it will helpful for them to become a better employee in the future. D. Advice to future On- the-Job trainees

Some of the students have taken their OJT for granted. They are not realizing how importance the future carrer. To all future On-the-Job Trainees student, here are some advices that I would like to share to you: * Learn to accept your mistakes

* Take your OJT seriously, but don’t be too serious all the time always keep smiling everytime your getting tired * Listen carefully to the trainer and ask a question for a better understanding. * You should love your co-ojt and co-owners

* Most importantly, hard work is actually enough.
If you do well on your OJT you will definitely have a great evaluation, like me. So work hard and love your job.

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