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Skill Essay Examples

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Research Proposal on English Skills Improvement through the Use of iPad Technology

Research Proposal on English Skills Improvement through the Use of iPad Technology Introduction             The application of technologies in schools at all levels has proven to yield positive results. There is a variety of technologies that are used in schools today and among them is the use of iPads in learning. In Saudi Arabia, a…

Facilitating the Project Lifecycle the Skills & Tools to Accelerate Progress for Project Managers, Facilitators, and Six Sigma Project Teams

          One of the most important aspects to put into consideration when taking up a project is project risk management. A project risk is an event / condition, which is uncertain that, upon it occurrence brings either a positive or a negative impact on the project. A positive manager should consider…

Leadership: Theory, application, skill development

Over the past one year, the concept and skills that I have been able to learn is that of leadership. Leadership is an important aspect of life because in every situation in life, there is a form of leadership, although minor in some case that is observed. It is often experienced in homes, schools, businesses,…



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Provide support to maintain and develop skills for everyday life

Skills for everyday life allow people to do the things that meet their daily needs. These are also known as activities of daily living that have a direct affect on any individual’s health and well-being. It is often thought that care workers look after people by doing things for them. Another approach is to do…

Being Bilingual: Important Skill in a Globalized World

Have you ever thought of learning a new language, and ever wondered what advantages this would give you? Maybe you have never asked these types of questions before, since you didn’t need to speak another language than your native. Today, being bilingual has become popular, but this is a necessity. In this globalizing world, speaking…

A Leader

Leaders can be seen in a variety of ways such as a president, a soldier, an athlete. But does a lieutenant only lead his men into combat? Or does a president just send the military off to war in one command? Leadership has a far different meaning than one man giving orders. Being a leader,…

The “Three Human Skills” that makes a good MAA

The three human skills that makes a good Medical Admnisitrative Assistant are planning, strategy and leadership. The MAA can use planning to plan out the week day by day. Planning will show them how to move forward to reach there future goals. The reason planning is such an aspect to the MAA is because it…


While working with a adult who suffer’s from ADHD and Dyslexia you can go through different aspect of satisfaction and also aspects that can cause problems and tension at work. The most satisfying feeling at the end of the day when it is time to go home and the person i am careing for has…

Why are nursing skills an integral part of an interdisciplinary team

Why are nursing skills an integral part of an interdisciplinary team? And what are they? With changes in health related practices, many providers of varying types of care are no longer situated in the same location, readily accessible to clients (Rossen, Bartlett, & Herrick, 2008). In turn, nurses require a unique combination of virtues and…

Language skill is essential tool in the job market

Language skill is essential tool in the job market. Being able to speak a prefect english language is a skill that a person have over other graduates and being able to boost up the chances of getting the job. English language proficiency works as a determination of people’s opportunity to get a job. Hence it…

Negative Leadership Behavior

Negative Leadership Behavior Bad leadership experiences can be both a bad experience and a learning experience. We have all had bad experiences with leaders and we should use these experiences to help us grow and become good leaders. Poor leaders tend to be focused more on themselves than on their employees and this will cause…

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication -the transfer of a message (information, idea, emotion, intent, feeling, or something else) that is both received and understood. Communication Levels 1. One-on-one level – this is you and your fellow colleagues or you and your manager and/or supervisor. 2. Team-or-unit level – level that is limited to the group and its members. 3….

Nursing As a Discipline

Is nursing a discipline or just a profession? The term discipline describes the practise of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, so can nursing be placed under this classification? The term profession described as a paid occupation or a body of people engaged in a particular profession, so can nursing be…

Ownership and Sense of Self: Argumentative

Every prosperous thinker of the world has different views on the relationship between ownership and sense of self. Differences arise in the prominent topic, theory, and thought of the sense of self identity. With all kinds of theories, I see ownership of intangible skills as a part of building a self identity. I see it…

Communication Skills for Health Professionals

Introduction Communication skills are important for health professionals because they deal with different situations and people every day. Furthermore, an example to use the appropriate communication is when the professional has to give bad news of an unfavourable diagnostics. For instance, the dentist to give the diagnostics of oral cancer for their patient, this situation…

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