Skellig Film Analysis Essay

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Skellig Film Analysis

1) At first sight, Skellig does not want Michael’s friendship and wants to be left alone. Directly Skellig says ‘You again? Thought you’d gone away’. This implies that he never wanted to see Michael there and is hoping, through the conversation, for him to leave ask quickly as possible. I strongly believe that Skellig does not want anyone visiting him and that he wants to be left isolated. 2) The reader suggests to us that there is a relationship between Michael and Skellig because Skellig is like an angel and Michael’s sister is like an angel too. Skellig says “They say that shoulder blades are where your wings were, when you were an angel,” she said. “They say they’re where your wings will grow again one day.” This shows that Skellig knows about Michael’s sister. 3) At the end Skellig is getting stronger. He was playing football with other people and was more active, before he wanted to be very lonely and isolated. He would be in his own world.

4) The author suggests that Skellig is not a normal person, when Skellig could not stop drinking 27 and 53. Skellig says “More 27 and 53 … Ah the food of the gods.” This suggests that he is not normal because he is drinking too much stuff he should not be. 5) We first realised that Skellig might save Michael’s baby sister when he went over to the hospital and saw her wings. This shows that he tried his best to save her by taking off her wings and healing her back. This made Michael’s sister ready for the operation. 6) 27 and 53 have a big effect on Skellig, they make him feel more relaxed but energetic, and he is able to visit other places, when he drinks it. Like when he went to the hospital to save Michael’s sister. He ate 27 and 53 before going then saved her.

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