Skeletal system Essay

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Skeletal system

1. The general trend for bone density as a person ages is a steady decline as years pass. This study shows that every decade, males and females bone density slowly decreases. 2. Between the ages of 20-50 females lose about 11% of their bone density and males lose about 13% of their bone density. Males do in fact lose more density then females but they lose it at a more stable and steady rate. Females lose less density at more unstable rate going from about 6% (40-50) to about 9% (60-70). Males lose about 13-15% bone density between the ages of 50-80. 3. The female sex, show a greater change in bone density as age increases. The greatest decrease occurs at 40-70 years in a female’s life. 4. Yes, this directly correlates with the diminishment of a the female bone. Before the age of 50, women lose about 4% bone density, after the age of 50 (hormone is not produced) the loss of bone density increases by about 5% making the lose about 9% of its density.

Task 2:

1. Bone growth in length occurs at the ends of the bones, in the cartilage plates. 2. Bone growth in diameter occurs on the outer surface of the bone. 3. During teen-age years, the osteoblasts divide more rapidly, resulting in a growth spurt. 4. By age 20, about 98% of our skeleton growth will be completed. However the hormones will also cause the growth centers at the ends of your bones to degenerate. 5. When growth stops, bone- forming cells are involved mainly in repair and maintenance of the bone.

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